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Beelink Gemini N41: cheap silent mini on Windows 10. Nettop or media player?

Shopper reviews shopping online stores in the world and ordinary stores 10.04.2019 at 07:52

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In an interesting time we live in. More recently, the computers cost a lot of money and was available to a few, and now buy a full computer for simple home tasks for the price of a cheap phone. It will be about a miniature computer Beelink Gemini N, which is based on a fresh Intel Celeron processor N4100 and can equally be used as a nettop (Internet, documents, Amateur photos and undemanding games) and media player (video playback on the big screen, online services and Internet TV). He is very economical to electricity (consumes no more than 10W under load), completely silent (you use the passive cooling system) and has miniature dimensions. And importantly, thanks to the 2 HDMI outputs, it can perform 2 tasks: using the first HDMI connect a monitor and work as for a normal PC, and via the second HDMI connected TV, where broadcast TV or movies in high quality.

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