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Web serials: short, funny, different. What is it with the eyes of a writer; examples The article 10.04.2019 at 09:04

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We All heard about this modern marvel as web series – but not all of it (judging by itself) to fully understand what it is and how it works. And recently, screenwriter: Oleg Sirotkin gave a detailed lecture on this subject and gave some YouTube-examples – significantly expanding our knowledge in this vital issue.

during the exhibition "CPS-2019" was held the lecture of screenwriter Oleg Sirotkin on the specifics of the web series – or, as he phrased it himself a lecturer, "ultrashort serials YouTube-format". Was a very good review, but not all yet investigated space, which every year attracts more and more attention of professionals (which, by the way, among other things, said Dmitry Kotov, a summary of which we published last week). As he said himself Sirotkin, this niche is only mastered, but it is very promising.

in 2007, the year the company "AtomFilms" (later absorbed "Comedy Central") released to the vast network of the project "Hellholes" - "Cursed place." Now he has faded into obscurity, although the result was rather curious: it is an attempt to create ultra-short format horror film that, according to Oleg, it is very difficult. The first series lasts only 3:40 (subsequent much more) - but feels like fifteen minutes. And it is connected not with the sadness of what is happening (this is all exactly the opposite), and its marginal density.

This is the first phenomenon in which Sirotkin emphasized: structure of the web-series is inherently contrary to the usual construction of scenes. A long time ago, it is commonly believed that a normal scene should last at least thirty seconds so that the audience really has time to consider and understand. Here this rule is violated mercilessly: the scene may contain only one cue – and immediately replaced by another; the incredible spressovannost narrative provides an incredible pace.

the locations may be the same as for a regular TV show. Hence a natural problem: how to return manufacturing facilities. If you do it professionally, it will cost a lot; the creators of this show are unable to find a way of monetization and thus has not reached full development. But as an example of what it was - "Damn place" is very curious.

the French "Bref" – "in Short" – launched in early 2010. His principle – each episode is 90 seconds long (or slightly more taking into account the credits). And this is absolutely fantastic, the pacing. The series has set the unsurpassed bar, which is widespread: many today are trying to create web projects with an eye on "Bref". Interestingly, at some point the creators of the project with a vertical narrative (which allows you to watch the series non-sequentially) switched to a horizontal line in the hope of teaching the audience to watch their show regularly.

what draws the attention of Oleg Sirotkin: in proper screenwriting format these 90 seconds are a text of eight pages. If you follow one of the main principles of the American scenario of record (page of text - the minute on the screen), that's a story for eight-minute film. And I must say that the usual recording format for ultrashort series is impossible, it becomes just meaningless. Violated the most basic principles to tell stories on paper, but because of them, it turns out, must be abandoned.

the pace of the story is such that leaves no time for reflection of what is happening on the screen. Why is that funny, which is achieved by hilarious effect? Because what he saw is reminiscent of the diary. The hero tells about his vulnerability, about things that hurt his soul – but due to the fact that personal experiences are laid out here at breakneck speed, in just ninety seconds, there is an ironic effect of comicality.

This technique was picked up by Russian animation project "Mythological mythology". This is an example of a deep philosophical concept, which due to spressovannost narrative (a series of one - 3:40) turns into a farce, a parody of himself (very very funny). In General, the comic effect will find any dramatic narrative - if it is to compress.

And then have a minute to reflect: what is working well in the Russian segment of the Internet? Work well topic, which is impossible on TV. If you just do a mirror project, it loses its exclusivity. A kind of Rubicon here is obscene language in TV you can not swear, the Internet – it is possible (and the best example of success in this respect – interview with Yuri Dude).

in addition, the Internet loves the products made at the knee: Do It Yourself. To allow us to better understand this principle, Sirotkin cites the example just TV: "the Voice". This program was invented by a Dutchman, who once realized that people are tired to look for idols - people they want to become idols. YouTube is the TV that you do on the knee. And a big budget here, oddly enough, can become an obstacle, immediately causing distrust: the audience will decide that it was a product of great uncles and aunts, they something on top later. And when on the knee – was to be made the same as I do, for me. That Do It Yourself is a world trend shows at least a Beyonce video, filmed on a phone in a hotel room.

is to be borne in mind that the best projects are implemented without words, then you have a chance to "worldwide". YouTube today provides opportunities that have not dreamed of any filmmaker in the world. That will not be able to provide one Studio, the video hosting will allow you to do right now, without leaving your chair. But that you were understood everywhere – need a story that is understandable without words. So you will be able to use this platform to the maximum.

so that video has become "viral", you need also to somehow reflect reality. What, for example, the secret of enormous success of "Masha and the Bear" (which, of course, need a separate consideration)? It's not just the fact that this story can be understood without words. Masha is a new type of a child is a child with an overactive, restless child who won't let anyone leave. These are children – and hence billions of views.

However, be aware that the "rent" on utbe a lot of money might not bring a million hits gives the amount of twenty thousand roubles. It's nothing for the show with a large number of locations, unrealistically expensive to manufacture. Therefore there is a need for additional advertising as a compromise solution to the patient's problem. However, work on the web content is tomorrow including our industry.

Speaking of new trends in serial production for the Network, Sirotkin recalls that under the "series" can be understood as any technique that has consistency in principle, it may be plotless thing. Besides, today we are witnessing the breakdown of genres: genres exhaust themselves rasmotrenie viewers calculate everything in advance – but because genres will artificially break, that is already happening on the Internet.

the Established format in the literal sense iznichtozhat account "HowToBasic": every time it all ends on a paranoid attack the person who either prepares or makes. Or take the channel "Will It Blend?", cynically demonstrating the death of the iPhone in a blender: a combination of cooking show with a deliberate absurdity. Its popularity stems from the fatigue of the men from gadgets and expensive things, from related dependencies. The usual form here is filled with new content.

given the fact that some TV shows can last generally no longer than ten seconds (see channel "5secondfilms", where a five-second sketches "lengthened" almost halfway through the credits), there is a feeling that everything today is built on the acceleration of the pace of the narrative. But there is another trend, opposite – when the situation is lived very intensely and in detail. And here the most important example: "Ponysmasher", channel, David F. Sandberg, Director, who now produces "Shazam!" - starting with the "shorties" made exactly that on the knee, at home, with his wife in the main (if not only) role. Simplicity of presentation is understandable without the words, history, accommodation within two or three minutes the same situation with the extremely short exposure – and now on the basis of "Lights Out" made a feature film in the Russian hire called "there goes the light...".

beyond the "simple horror", Sandberg has also made short films based on fantastic assumptions, offering us situations that are inherently curious and look drafts some the full picture. However, the "series" that can be called a very conditional – but what is still an enviable career did man!

In conclusion Oleg Sirotkin recalls that technology today has reached the point that a web series (as well as any other visual work) quietly and with excellent quality can be taken even on an iPhone. You just need to want and do.

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