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MV1 Black Ghost Stealth, the Original United States

Best vaporizer | Best Vaporizer store ecig and accessories. Moscow, Saint-Petersburg - latest products 29.03.2019 at 23:59

To buy Vaporizer for herbs and oils and accessories for ecig BEST VAPORIZER - Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg

23.200 R. 22.R. 040

MV1 Ghost Vaporizer is a portable vaporizer premium, which is ready to vaporize dry substances and concentrates. Design Ghost MV 1 truly unique both visually and technically, and he really stands out from the crowd. It is ergonomically designed and perfectly balanced, complemented by intuitive features and tactile finish. Ghost MV1 is made by medical standards. All components of custom, which makes this vaporizer the most safe, the most efficient device for herbal medicine. Its nice to hold and use for years to come. Vaporizer Ghost MV1 is equipped with a specialized removable battery with built-in technology in the electronic control chip in order to safely cope with the huge power required to achieve the incredible performance. Vaporizer Ghost MV1 device with support for Bluetooth and control functions and device control through mobile apps in smartphones: adjust your modes, block vaporizer, get quick access to all settings, get firmware updates and more.

Before using, check with:

user's Manual a vaporizer GHOST MV1

the Main advantages of vaporizer GHOST MV1:

Compact dimensions: Height: 12,7 cm, Width: 5.7 cm, Depth: 3.5 cm

Great quality of materials and workmanship, unique design (made by medical standards)

the Main body, radiator, and door of the heating chamber (crucible) made of a hard metal alloy

The heat sink and the mouthpiece are well cool the steam produced

Removable ceramic chamber (crucible) with a stainless steel lid

the Mouthpiece of borosilicate glass regulates the flow of air and the fortress of steam (extends and retracts completely)

the Minimum resistance when inhalation of vapor

Fully isolated by air from the plastic and electronic parts.

100% convection heating demand (from 5 to 20 seconds), powerful heater with two coils

Used with dry herbs and concentrates

Full temperature control (140°C - 220°C)

Three preset temperatures for herbs: (Low - 170°C, Med - 185°C, High 200°C) and one for extracts (250°C). Two additional temperature parameter you can set yourself via the app. (Only 6 temperature settings)

the smartphone App with more features (connected via Bluetooth)

the Led shows all parameters with temperature and the battery level

Tactical feedback (vibration function)

Long battery life

Built in micro usb charging port vaporizer

Great taste and vapor quality. Soft, cool and powerful vapor

High performance

a Wide range of accessories (see manufacturer's website)

the delivery vaporizer GHOST MV1:

Vaporizer Black Stealth Ghost MV1 - 1 PC.

USB charging cable - 1 PCs.

the pad for concentrates - 1 PC.

capsule for dried herbs, 1 PC.

cleaning kit - 1 PC.

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