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New social network to find friends and communication

IGeek — news of high technologies 11.04.2019 at 20:13

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One of the most attractive chips in online social networks. They spend their time, both young and old. Each has some features, but if you settled down in the old and want something new, please...

Social network and a website for Dating, find friends, communicate directly in chat rooms is FRIEDDI. Go to the website and register with few clicks, post attractive photos and your personal network is ready to find a friend or find a friend with the same interests. All free, simple and fun!

the Source of friends is boundless. It is only necessary on the page to declare what is included in the range of your interests: what music, books, movies you like, what kind of sports do you love to travel, etc. Invite old friends, write in search "looking for friend" or "looking for friend", do not forget to specify just which city you want to find them, and if necessary, use special filters. What opportunities network for guys who find it difficult in life to meet: to write "looking for friend to talk" — and the response is not delayed!

How are you popular in the network will immediately see on the page: who came, as rated photos, who showed sympathy or just winked. Here's the reason for the new communication. In the section "messages" can start a conversation with any of my friends. The network has the ability to create meetings with friends with the same interests, to appoint them at a convenient time in a convenient place. It will be interesting to vote on some important issues and to look for similarities and like-minded people.

On the wall of friends will see all of each other's actions. Remember that your posts will be publicly available, so you are responsible for texts, pictures, audio and videos. They should only be your own, not to violate the copyrights of others. it is not allowed to publish obscene, insulting people, threatening someone, call for terrorist acts and in General to do acts that are punishable by law. It is also prohibited to post defamatory material and commercial advertising. Thus, you and other users will be protected from spam. And forgive the fakes, because there will be only confirmed user profiles.

the Social network also has mobile apps, so available from any device. It uses smart geolocation technology.

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