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The court acquitted a man who was threatened with term for treatment of the eagles

Only crocodiles will save this country from assholes! 12.04.2019 at 15:07

Only crocodiles will save this country from assholes! -

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the Court at the Elbow Bryansk region acquitted the 57-year-old Vladimir Ivanenkov, who faced up to three years in prison with a fine of one million rubles in the case of the illegal detention of red-booked animals. Ivanchenkov 15 years nursed three eagles, two of whom died when they were seized.

the Judge Sergey Bogatikov found the accusations unsaid and met Ivanchenkova. Maxim Zubco, the Prosecutor demanded to fine him 50 thousand rubles.

the Law, which was tried Ivanchenkova, many Russians regarded as ill-conceived. The same conclusion was reached by the author of the law Deputy of Pinsk, who said that citizens who are treated birds should not be held accountable. Now, the more it will have to do to close the legal marriage.

For Ivanchenkov Vladimir, his family and friends, many people in Russia acquittal was a triumph of justice, although they are very worried with the time when the criminal case was initiated. Relatives admitted that at the announcement of Primavera experienced a lot of tension, some just shaking. Vladimir Ivanchenko said, "Bryansk news" that not even realize what happened:

— Are as if in prostration. Believed in victory, and yet the court's decision became a happy daze. I thank everyone who worried about me and who fought with me.

"Bryansk news"

to Identify birds in Bryansk reserve and zoos the man tried again. But there heard permanent denial — conditions for maintenance of sick wild animals. And the responsibility for red is too high. That had to keep. About how to use them in the hunting — out of the question. One wing, the second the old wound on his chest. The third one with atrophied muscles.

the TV Channel "City", February 12,

Birds have Ivanchenkova was taken in the summer of 2018 when he was in Ukraine. Eagles tied with tape and put in a small box. One of the birds suffocated, another was lost later. About the fate of the Golden eagle unknown.