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Entered into force a new law on combating terrorism

Russian Britaniya 12.04.2019 at 19:18

Parliament has tightened counter-terrorism measures, entering on Friday a new law on terrorism and border security. This was announced by the Ministry of the interior.

the Law increases maximum sentences for some crimes such as encouragement of terrorism, dissemination of terrorist content and a number of other actions for preparation for terrorist attacks will be punished with imprisonment up to 15 years.

the New law gives police the powers they need to disrupt terrorist plots at an earlier stage, and ensures that those who seek to harm us will suffer a just punishment, – said the interior Minister Sajid Javid.

It led to the tightening of security by the growing threat of terrorism, Recalling the series of terrorist attacks in 2017.

the New legislation provides the interior Minister with additional powers, granting him the right to determine, with the approval of Parliament of the area outside the country in which the British under the pretext of protecting them from the threat of terrorism cannot remain or to which they cannot enter. And those British who do not follow these instructions and either penetrate into a specified area, or does not agree to leave, will face the threat of imprisonment for up to 10 years.

According to the provisions of the new act, will now be illegal to Express any support for banned organizations as well as publish images of their flags, emblems, or shapes that would suggest that the author of these statements and publications may either be prohibited organizations or be their advocate.

the Level of terrorist threat in the country currently identified by the authorities as "serious," second only to "critical". In 2017, was committed five attacks, four in London and one in Manchester. The victims were a total of 36 people.