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Search for candidates for the exhibition on the 25th anniversary of the Studio in 2020

Eugene, your 1, 000 bonus burn get creative with baby airlines tomorrow 10.04.2019 at 12:00

Eugene, your 1, 000 bonus burn get creative with baby airlines tomorrow

In October 2020 our Studio turns 25 years old. Half of our readers were not yet born then, and the second half just started to shit in a diaper. Sorry, was distracted.

in Short, we want this anniversary to organize a great event. For example, to organize an exhibition of achievements over this quarter century. And for that looking for a good exhibition space. And a good curator because this exhibition is not a fucking dog.

So please to all major exhibition, Museum and gallery spaces, which could be interested cooperation with us, contact us at

the same offer to all our customers: who wants to be a sponsor of this event, got more prominent place at the show, also email me at

we Have a year and a half in reserve, but you need to prepare.

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