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Latin American markets can go up in the case of good reporting companies in the U.S.

Forex Club 12.04.2019 at 07:56

Latin American investors in the short term will be evaluating the forecasts from the International monetary Fund on the prospects of individual countries of the region for the current year.

thus, according to the IMF experts, the highest growth among the countries of Latin America to 2019 will show Bolivia, the largest decline is projected for Venezuela and Argentina. The GDP of Bolivia will be in 2019, 4% in Peru — 3.9%, and in Paraguay, Brazil would grow by 2.1%, and Mexico — 1.6%. While the Argentine economy in 2019 will fall 1.2%, of Venezuela's GDP, according to IMF forecasts, will be reduced by 25%. Overall, the GDP of Latin America is estimated at 1.4% in 2019.

Record of inflation in 2019 in the region will supply Venezuela with an index of 10 million percent. Overall, inflation in Latin America, the IMF in the current year was estimated at 6.5 per cent.

the Fate of Venezuela in General are very worried about investors in the region. So, in particular, there are estimates that the total damage from the American sanctions against this country is over 100 billion dollars.

however, the world Bank has declared that is ready to provide Venezuela's financial support.

in Addition to the internal news, members of the Latin American markets also pay attention to external factors. Thus, in particular, in the near future they will be closely watching emerging in the US reporting the largest companies, say financial scouts. In addition, in the center of their attention will be news about trade negotiations between the US and China investors are waiting for the signing of the final agreement between the parties.

it Can be expected that in case of receipt of positive news to the market, Latin indices will go up.

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