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Original options for grading assignments

Reviews of goods and services 09.04.2019 at 18:43

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Under the current system of training, compulsory for all secondary school pupils is the preparation of homework. Therefore, teachers have to resort to various ways to quickly check for jobs to determine progress of each student. In addition to the traditional ways of testing, there are more modern that makes it easier for teachers and students. One of them is to break the class into several groups, and each will defend their own position during the interview. A particular point of view must be indicated in the tutorial, but the position of the child may differ from it. Such a discussion allows you to see the thought process of the students.

Parents also need to monitor the progress of the child, which is perfect GDZ in Russian language on the website Here you will find ready-made assignments on all subjects included in the current program, for any class. This will greatly facilitate the inspection and ensure the most accurate result.

a Lot of children love crosswords, so ready with the tenacity to be engaged in their solving. To facilitate the verification of the DZ, it is enough to make a crossword puzzle on the topic, and to offer to deal with him students. Such interaction is bound to be positively perceived by the children, and the teacher will be able to make a correct representation of the preparation.

Also, many teachers are turning to the use of unexpected questions, which allows to teach children to memorize the answers. The sense of the test is to slightly change the wording of the rule, which differs from the value specified in the tutorial. If a child responsibly approached to preparation, it will not be difficult to unravel the trick and give the correct answer and the rest will be in trouble.

Good results are obtained by mutual authentication. In this case, the teacher offers to exchange notebooks to students and ask them to check the answers, which he read, in a notebook partner's Desk. You can additionally ask the student to analyze detected during error check to determine his own training. Discussion this validation will only be a plus.

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