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"HELP": Ariston Thermo Group became a partner of the installations dedicated to environmental issues

The Company Ariston, a world leader in the production of water heating and heating equipment, together with the magazine INTERNI and Italian architect Maria Cristina of Finucci, mounted an installation of the letters "H E L P" on the main yard of the University of Milan.

climate Change is currently one of the major threats to our planet and the environment. Another serious risk for the existence of our ecosystem is a global, rapidly growing consumption of plastic. A large part of the plastic that we use every day, eventually ends up in the ocean that is the source of oxygen for all living beings. Ariston Thermo Group adheres to sustainable development strategy and regularly taking steps to reduce the negative impact of our operations on the environment. That's why the company teamed with artist Maria Cristina of Finucci Foundation and One Ocean. The result of the collaboration was the installation of "HELP" included in the art exhibition "Human Spaces", organized by the magazine INTERNI in the framework of international events in the field of design — Fuorisalone 2019.

the Four letters constructed entirely of plastic lids, form the word HELP, which translated to English means help/to help. This figure illustrates the importance of awareness about the problem of plastic consumption and pollution of the oceans and reminds us that our planet it's time to save. And for this, first and foremost, you need to reconsider your habits. "HELP" is more than just installation. It is a loud cry for help, a call to do everything we can to save the planet.

"We are proud to be part of this collaboration," commented Philippe Cohen, General Director of LLC "Ariston Thermo Rus". "Ariston Thermo Group is committed to sustainable development and believes that we can protect our planet from pollution. Art installation Maria Cristina Finucci, besides the fact that it is fully consistent with the values of the company Ariston, is a Wake-up call to which we all are obliged to listen for the future of our planet," added Philip Cohen.

This partnership is the logical continuation of the global campaign Ariston Comfort Challenge, in which the manufacturer has supported researchers from the University of Copenhagen, conducting research in Greenland, on the island of Disco. Thanks to the innovative modular home, heated by a highly efficient boiler Alteas ONE NET, the researchers were able to conduct experiments in the most severe cold, being far from the station. Large-scale mission of installers Ariston as the installation "HELP", stresses the need to care for the environment.

in addition, the company's participation in the preparation of the installation "HELP" and large-scale project in Greenland reflect the aspirations of the Ariston Thermo Group to guarantee the maximum comfort at minimum cost of energy in any corner of the world, even where it seems difficult or almost nevozmozhnym.


About the company

Today Ariston is a world leader in the production of water heaters and heating equipment. More than 250 million people worldwide daily use equipment Ariston.

At the end of 2018, Ariston Thermo Group has sold over 8 million units and 34 million components in more than 150 countries, the total turnover amounted to more than 1.61 billion euros. For 2018, the company invested more than 89 million euros in research and development: in 14 countries, 23 manufacturing R & d centre.

the company employs more than 6,800 employees; the group owns 66 companies and 5 representative offices in 40 countries. 27 production sites Ariston present in 15 countries.

Ariston Thermo Group offers a wide range of products, systems and services under the brands Ariston, Elco, Chaffoteaux, Atag and Racold Heating. The main activity of the company is energy efficiency: technological solutions Ariston renewable energy sources (solar collectors and heat pumps); in addition, Ariston is actively working to increase the efficiency of traditional products (such as boilers and water heaters) and to invest in new projects, is engaged in the development of additional applications and services. In the production of equipment Ariston Thermo Group is committed to the optimal combination of comfort, efficiency and care for the environment.

On the Russian market the company operates since 1995. Since 2005 in the town of Vsevolozhsk in Leningrad region there is a plant, Ariston Thermo Group for the production of storage water heaters. Today it is one of the most modern plants of the group.