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Mazda Mazda3, 2003 Reviews 13.04.2019 at 18:44

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All okay and ordinary. As usual, I'm switching from work to home and home to work on his steed Mazda 626 1989 ( Review of Mazda 626 )and I'm happy with everything (except the presence of the Cup holder), until I not freaked out at all. The girl proceeded to tell me that you need to purchase a fresh auto. Up to this point I had planned to change cars, but no hurry with this, because the 626 went and went. Of course he is too old and also the design is outdated, but I always thought that normal girls like this no matter where we go, the main drive. And then I thought, and if she really loves me and under the pretext that I am over her I decided to leave on time and thus test whether will return to me if I won't change it. In the end, decided not to come back a few weeks later, wrote, called and asked to wait or no, decided to refuse thinking if he really loves it and now will not leave, in the end is not written, it means the end of love. Scratching his reputation decided to buy a car on fresher and thus to return to her (I love her EPTA). With his old horse to break up even thought because he's just in perfect condition. He always bought only genuine parts, even if not in stores then on parsing, everything is always possible to find. Generally at 626 spared no expense, wondered how I manage in the car in ' 89 to put the strut Kayaba and pour pure synthetics. Instead, 626 has never let me down, the oil ate a liter from replacement before replacement (7K km). Only once after I raced to the Audi 100 C4 and dispersed 626 up to 180 km/h at the entrance to Astana lost the spark. At that moment I was very disappointed. In the morning before leaving for work, I began to look for the cause. Just changed the hall sensor (had) and went happy to work. Now a new trio. In General, the choice of a car I take very seriously and the priority for me is always the reliability and availability of spare parts...

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