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The artist from Voronezh 6 years has lived without money. During this time he made a tour around the world and became the owner of the Villa in Italy

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If you type in Google the phrase "artist with no money", then in the first line you will see the name of Sergei Balovin. The fate of the 34-year-old boy full of twists and turns, some call him a con artist, and he readily agrees. At the age of 17 Balovin began to teach painting and to hold exhibitions, then I was in China, there was a popular artist, earned a lot of money and spending it, decided they didn't need him at all. He began to paint portraits for food and clothing and traveled around the world, exchanging their work for stuff, housing, and tickets. In Italy he met his future wife Claudia, and then they went together. Now the couple lives in the house in the Italian Alps, obtained in exchange for a portrait. And you can come back to visit.