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Fraudsters create fake accounts in the service of Epic Games, using other people's mail the latest news on games. 13.04.2019 at 10:34 ( - all about the world of computer games.

In recent years, a number of users when trying to register an account in the service of Epic Games, all of a sudden discovered that someone already linked their e-mail from another account in Epic Games. In particular, the user ed found out that his mail tied to the account that is registered in Thailand. This same ed used for the Xbox account. A similar problem was faced and other ed. In June last year on the Epic Games forums there was a message from a user who wanted to connect with his son for the PlayStation Network account in Epic Games. However, the user received the error message : "unable to link account. He is already associated with another account". A number of commenters also complained about this problem and noted that Epic failed to get a clear answer. Yesterday, Epic Games has told Kotaku that the reason for the oddities is a cyber attack on the company. Under attack Epic accounts are created using a known e-mail addresses. Now Epic Games is working to remove all fake accounts connected with other people's email addresses. It is unknown how many people have suffered because of criminals. Also, while it is not known why the attackers took to create the Epic accounts using other people's email addresses. Kotaku caught up with two hackers which hacked the accounts Fortnite, but none of them could explain what happened. In addition, yesterday it was reported that information, including passwords, of nearly 600 accounts of Epic Games leaked to the web. Epic Games was quick to say that the system of accounts in Epic Games Fortnite Store and not hacked. The network got only the data on the accounts of people who gained access, the hackers "as a result of numerous automated attempts to log into Epic Games, using combinations of passwords and e-mail, leaked to the network due to security issues on other sites". It seems that this incident is not linked to fake accounts.