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Alla stood covered in blood - Elena Presnyakov told about the fight Pugacheva and juna

Alla stood covered in blood - Elena Presnyakov told about the fight Pugacheva and juna vd370 sat, 04/13/2019 - 23:37

Scandalous and creepy episode from the past surfaced in the program "the Secret in-a-million" shot by NTV. Guest host the show Lera Kudryavtseva became Elena Presnyakova, the mother of Vladimir Presnyakov Jr. and matchmaker diva pop scene Alla Pugacheva.

Helena Petrovna said she did not lost contact with Pugacheva after her son broke up with Christina Aguilera. Alla is still her close friend. Moreover, Russian pop star did not turn against the former son-in-law after the breakup of the newlyweds. But now not about it.

Presnyakov remembered one of the episodes, which can be called scandalous and even tarasovym as it is now fashionable to say. As it became clear it was about the feast held in the home of Alla. Among the guests was the well-known, now deceased writer Djuna (Eugenia Davitashvili), positioning yourself as an astrologer, a psychic and healer.

According to Elena Petrovna, she came in a bright red dress that has become an irritant to Pugacheva – she hated the outfits in this color. Soon the hostess and the guest and all began to argue: about who should say the first toast. Alla insisted that it should be to make it welcoming all the participants on the rights of the organizer of fun. In General, the dispute rapidly escalated into a brawl.

Hot Caucasian blood stirred his head to Juneau and she threw in Pugachev, a massive crystal ashtray. The subject goods landed in the wall and shattered, and large and very sharp piece cut through the lip of the singer. It had to take to the hospital and stitches. The wound was quite serious – there was blood on the floor, and poured all the clothes of Alla.

Here are the terrible episodes may even occur on the level of star in establishment, alas - fame and glory do not guarantee cultural method of debate.