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Zadolba!whether 14.04.2019 at 05:48

Angry look on the other side of the counter

Small zadolbali, but nasty. Zadolbali manufacturers of clothing. And that's it.

Namba one. I want to ask — who chooses the materials for making and sewing on labels. Why, regardless of the coolness of the company that, as a rule, the emery tutu is fishing line.

Bought. Plot. Bite. Shaved off the protruding part and even more bite. Began to flog. As luck would have it, the tutu is very high quality. For centuries. That would be the remaining stitches. The thread is strong and sharp. Depending on the material of a product can and an hour of time to go to otvarivanie.

With a thin and sometimes porous-knit without holes and not unpicked. The seam is small and dense. Thread, again, rude. And so little by little needlework.

the Second example of the villainy — the stitching of the magnetic labels under the lining. By purchasing this product, you get paranoid. Where else can you treacherous whistle already at the entrance. It got to the point that I had to flog the lining in the bag and retrieved from a magnetic guard. When you purchase the bag was degaussed, and subsequently randomly whistled in different stores.

the Third example — for you to stitch multiple units of identical goods together with a thread. This files most often meet their work when you purchase a package of underwear. Threads are taken the color of the product, stitch the narrow and tight. And without damages, holes them not to share it. Thread do not pick up any subject. Begin to pull all breaks.

the 21-St century gradually approaches to the center and we, the buyers of clothing should endeavour to take advantage of what bought. Is it really impossible to think of something that people do not suffer.

pissed off, honestly...

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