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Evangelical preacher: near a black hole is a bad sign for humanity

NEWS PLANET 13.04.2019 at 16:32

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April 10, an international group of scientists, combining the power of advanced radio telescopes in different parts of the world, managed to obtain the first image of a black hole in the history of modern mankind. In the picture you can see a bright circle of orange.

the Opening commented on, not only experts, but some people far from science, for example, a well-known pastor Paul Begley. The preacher noted that the depicted object – a bad sign. Supposedly a Higher power has allowed to photograph a black hole that people finally ceased to poke his nose where it doesn't belong. Before you climb beyond Earth, it is necessary to restore order on his planet.

Many Orthodox scientists believe that the discovery deserves the Nobel prize, while independent experts reacted to the incident without much interest. According to them, the photo and nothing of value was discovered about the properties of black holes. May be, in the words of pastor is the truth: the main space is within us, and outside is only its reflection.

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