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Week backendsecret, part 5 Blog 11.04.2019 at 08:36

News and ideas of the web-design

Last post of the week backendsecret. Business mistakes, career backups, Telesto, bugs and useful things.

the Realities of the business

the business (this is especially pronounced in food companies) all about money. If more crooked solution is cheaper and don't hurt in the long run, it will do.

it is just a very effective strategy. Normal business always thinks of money. Developers often do not want to understand and fight for pretty inefficient solution.

Understanding "of the curve" business and developers at odds.

for Example, beautiful is when golang, microservices, Kubernetes, auto-scaling on AWS, 100% coverage for unit-tests, at the front, Angular and interaction through the grpc. And the fact that we had the online shop with 10 purchases of the day to do is the developer is not interested.

His rake

once upon a time in one then another not a very large project used to debug a production database. It was convenient for real data. Introduced a recurrent payment, saved credit cards. One morning we sat was looking for the bug in time of payment. 5 times ran the debugger...

Expected ended with the withdrawal of many clients five times. Clients were then still not millions, but hundreds of thousands have been. Managers support problem resolved, as I remember, for 4+ months and with loss of customers.

Now it's obvious, but at the start of my career we have seen worse... a very decent part of the experience I gained on such occasions.

Fucapi are different. In each case, you need to understand. One thing is for sure: if repeated again and again — this is not training and doing such should be punished.

Pro career

If you want super-fast to develop, try to get into projects where you're the least experienced.

About backups

you can Not assume that you have a backup of it if you never tried to restore the system.

About Telesto

the broken Windows Theory is perfectly applicable to projects. Do not leave garbage. Remove immediately.

Always look for opportunities for automation. Routine boring and deal with it is to waste time.

"Jedi techniques" — a book about how to live when we need to do too much. Reading not the most pleasant because thick porridge (read slowly, you need to take breaks for reflection), but useful. The main thing is to read to the end. At the end is just about the main mistake — a preference for working personal.

About the bugs

"Magic" in software development does not happen. To the causes of "magic" you can always get. If the investigation was stalled:

Use binary search. Make a bug report with a detailed description (even if you're working alone). Show the report to colleagues. Ask them to Express thoughts.

serious bugs:

most of the problems of competitive access under load. Bugs in the interpreter or compiler. Bugs that are played only on the prod or only in a particular environment. Bugs in applications with flows (I wrote about a year for Android).

the Binary search works for finding the bug. If it is not clear where he is and what, we divide the system in half, looking for what part of the two... and so on.

Useful could Never remember the crontab. Be humble and enjoy yED is a useful free tool for drawing diagrams. If you still read the logs directly from the server or receive them by mail, try and .

the rollbar/sentry - it's only about the error. Throw back the logs is not necessary. It is not replacing the ELK.

When a similar error comes out 1000 times, same rollbar shows that "there was an error X" 1000 times, here's the latest. And throws her up because, apparently, important.

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