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Point in the debate on the USSR

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Good Sunday!

I write on the smart lab 3 years and 1 month, I read a little longer, all these years, from time to time there arise disputes and "holivary" about the Soviet Union, good or bad, he arranged it or not people, was the waiting and stuff, stuff, stuff! I'm a active participant in these disputes, although in the Soviet Union you could say I was born and I can remember even as a kid in Russia, but my parents are the most active part of his life in the worst periods of the Soviet Union(80s), my grandparents lived there all his life, only living my wife's grandmother(87 years) all these people only speak well about this country, despite the problems! But most importantly, I want to say that if you at least have a little respect for the millions of people who built this state, you have to feel sorry about its collapse for one simple reason! In order to make the country better — not necessarily to throw it into chaos and tear apart, plunging millions of people into poverty!

If you disagree, I suggest You when you next time knock "automatic" or plug in the house and will flow mixer — burn the hell out of your house!

The only thing just have to unite all residents of the country wishing her good is the fact that the collapse of the Soviet Union and the return of capitalism through predatory privatization is a crime! All that "terribly inefficient industry"(in the words of the reformers) can and should upgrade, and you want to convert, it was necessary to make all possible attempts to ensure that not one job was not lost, not a single plant was started up on scrap metal, this one did not planned to do!

All I have to say about the disputes in the Soviet Union very accurately for 1.5 minutes, said Yegor Ivanov:

Said that I have to be honest, the tears break through.