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Laureates of the V awards "Ikar" Movie news 09.04.2019 at 13:18

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On the Day of Russian animation - April 8 - was the award ceremony of the National animation award "Ikar".

the Best animation and best Director of the year:

"Five minutes to sea" (short animation Studio "Petersburg").

Director: Natalia Mirzoyan.

"Startup" and "Writer":

"the adventures of Peter and the Wolf" (new series of the film Studio "Soyuzmultfilm").

film Director, screenwriter and author of the idea - Alexey Lebedev.

the scene from the animated series "the adventures of Peter and the Wolf"

"Case" (applied animation):

Outstanding Director, winner of the award "Oscar" Alexander Petrov - the Intro to the TV series "house arrest".

the Best actor and best composer:

"Lola the potato is alive" (cartoon Leonid Shmelkov).

Winner - people's artist of the USSR Armen Jigarkhanyan for the role of Grandpa.

the Composer - Didier Falk.

Best art Director:

"Germaniade" (feature animation film Studio "Soyuzmultfilm").

the winners of the famous painter, sculptor Mikhail Shemyakin, artistic Directors Elena and Nikolai Livanov Livanov, animator Alla Solovyeva.

the Best film at the box office:

"Three heroes and the heir to the throne" (directed by Konstantin Bronzit).

the Best episode is:

"Morsi" (TV Studio "M. I. R."; the author and producer Irina Margolina).

Best character:

"Lazy Vasilisa" (the capricious girl Vasilisa; directed by Marina Karpova).

Best sound:

"Chik-Chirik" (cartoon Director Jeanne Bekmambetova).

Winner - Anatoly Tyurikov.

the Best producers are:

"Masha and the Bear" (animated TV series).

Laureates - Oleg Kuzovkov and Dmitry Lovato.

Honorary award:

the Winner of the legendary puppet designer who created the cartoon characters "Who said meow", "mitten", "38 parrots", "the wolf and the calf" and many others Pavel Gusev.