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Yandex said the laureates of the prize named after Ilya Segalovich

Blog Yandex 11.04.2019 at 10:10

Blog Yandex

In January of this year, we established a scientific prize named after Ilya Segalovich. The award aims to encourage young scientists and academic leaders from Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, which operate in profile for Yandex fields of computer science. We received more than 260 applications and are happy to announce the first winners.

the winners of the scientific prize named after Ilya Segalovich. Yandex office in Moscow, 10 April 2019

In the category "Young researchers" prize was awarded to nine people — students and graduate students from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod and Gomel.

Arip Asadulaev, undergraduate of the University, deals with neural networks and reinforcement learning. This year he plans to submit the results of their research at prestigious international conferences NeurIPS and ICML.

Andrey Atanov from the HSE and the SKOLKOVO specializiruetsya on Bayesian methods and explores the deep neural network. Among the achievements of the two publications presented at the conference ICLR.

Paul potters from the Gomel state technical University named after P. O. Sukhoi uses computer vision techniques for recognizing plant diseases according to the images. Also Paul is passionate about applying machine learning in physics.

Eduard Gorbunov, PhD student of MIPT, deals with optimization problems and has already talked about their findings at the NeurIPS.

Alexander Korotin of Skoltech also works in the field of machine learning, in particular, uses neural networks to time series analysis.

Alexander Malyshev studying at HSE in St. Petersburg and works in the laboratory JetBrains Research. Alexander deals with deep reinforcement learning. Among its projects is the use of machine learning methods for tracking objects in the video.

Marina Munchaev, PhD student at Skoltech, is conducting research in the field of natural language processing and machine learning. One of the articles Marina was presented at the conference NeurIPS.

Anastasia Popova from Nizhny Novgorod HSE klassificeret emotions in speech using methods that are normally used for image analysis. Anastasia is also interested in different approaches to compression of neural networks.

Rulkov Valentin, postgraduate student at Skoltech, is responsible for the assessment of generative models and theoretical analysis of recurrent neural network models. The results of their work Valentin was represented at the conferences ICML and ICLR.

the Award is given not only to undergraduate and graduate students, and oversees their work — supervisors. In the nomination "Scientific leaders" were awarded to four people. Is associate Professor at ITMO and candidate of physico-mathematical Sciences Andrey A. Filchenkov, associate Professor, HSE and presidential candidate of engineering Sciences Dmitry I. Ignatov, associate Professor at Skoltech and doctor of physico-mathematical Sciences Ivan V. Oseledets and chief scientific officer of MIPT, doctor of physico-mathematical Sciences Vadim V. Strijov.

the winners of the scientific prize named after Ilya Segalovich

the Ceremony of awarding the winners was held on 10 April in the Moscow office of Yandex. The amount of the prize for young researchers is 350 thousand, and for supervisors to 700 thousand rubles.

With the award we want to emphasize the importance of scientific work. We are ready to support a variety of research in computer science, from practical, which will give the result tomorrow, to the theoretical significance of which will be clear only after many years. I want to believe that the award will stimulate interest in the study and each year we receive more strong applications.

Elena Bunin, General Director of Yandex in Russia

Yandex will provide young researchers not only the material support. The winners will be able to go at our expense at one of the international conferences on machine learning and internship in the research Department of Yandex.

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