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How to put a mark on the physical and tekhkontrol logs

Question - answer - Legal advice 12.04.2019 at 08:17

Question - answer - Legal advice

The Ministry of transport talked about some of the nuances of filling of waybills (letter of the Ministry of transport of Russia of 8 April 2019 n D3-531-PG letter from the Ministry of transport of Russia dated 4 April 2019 n D3-514-PG). First, it is explained that when making directions the sequence of carrying out of pretrip medical examinations of driver and pre-trip or pre-shift inspection of the technical condition of the vehicle by the legislation of the Russian Federation is not established. This means that medical examinations can be conducted later technical control and Vice versa. Secondly, according to the Ministry of transport, we can arrange one waybill for several drivers in that case, when during the day (flight) one vehicle controlled alternately by several people. This should be provided with identification marks of the medical worker conducting pre-trip (post-trip) medical examination, in part they are related to each driver of the vehicle.