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From June 1 in Russia come into force the rules of auto-tuning

Auto News 12.04.2019 at 12:06

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Resolution No. 413, which determines the order of changes in vehicle design, signed by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. We are talking about the rules that will legalize or prohibit all kinds of tuning, which often fond of Russian motorists – buses, winch, extra plastic or metal kit, etc.

the adopted rules clearly spelled out how and where to apply for a permit for such changes. According to the Resolution, before you do the tuning, the owner must apply for a permit to a specialized laboratory and to the conclusion. Under laboratory means an accredited organization to conduct such work. Then this lab will be in the registry (a small clarification – the registry yet, the Rules will come into effect sooner than it appears), which Ministry is obliged to create by 1 January 2020. Further, according to the procedure for appeal to the traffic police, then to the manufacturer works to install the desired equipment.

the Next stage is again a laboratory for testing and receipt of the record of these tests. The last step is the inspection of the traffic police to obtain evidence about the compliance of the vehicle with the changes to safety requirements. At this stage, changes will be made to registration details of your car.

In the state traffic Inspectorate to the proposed changes are already being prepared. Moreover, as told to the correspondent "the Russian newspaper", there's even a want to simplify the procedure for issuance of a permit - for example, to make possible the submission of documents in electronic form. Already done in obtaining permits to install gas-fired equipment, and the traffic police car owners do not come twice, and one, and already installed equipment.

the Document also defines a list of reasons why the owner may refuse to permit changes to the design of the car – and, as from the point of view of documents (incomplete set; no accreditation of the laboratory, who gave permission; the vehicle is wanted; in the case of TS there is a limit to committing registration actions, etc.), and from the point of view of technical compliance (as amended to increase the maximum permitted mass of the vehicle; when the changes destroyed the identification number; replacement of the body or of the cabin, not under the brand name of the vehicle; installation of lifting equipment for self-loading and unloading of goods in respect of which no assessment was conducted of compliance in the vehicle, etc.).

the majority of all these rules will work since June 1, 2019.