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Photoshoot Cheboksary

Wedding and family photographer 15.04.2019 at 10:31

Michael noses

Photographer and the client see the Studio in different ways. The client pays attention to the overall picture, is the result. The photographer is extremely attentive to detail and seemingly small things – lighting, Studio square, combination and texture.

To the result of shooting was as good, consult with your photographer about the choice of Studio.

In this article I want to present to you the recommended photo Studio in Cheboksary.


One of the best, in our opinion, making for a spring photo shoot. Updated location is suitable for virtually all types of photography: from tender, romantic images to the business of image capture.

the PROS:

-is a Stylish combination of colours

-thought out details that can be beat in the frame

-Multiple locations – possible to capture multiple images

-Great capacity (ideal for family photo shoots)


Daily 800 p/h

Weekends, holidays 900 R/h


There are several halls to choose from (rented separately). The Studio offers salon beauty treatments (if you need someone to pass the time before shooting).

Hall 1 Hall 2 Hall 3


-you Can rent dresses and make a professional makeup and hair (optional)

-Hotel Cabana

-a High level of service – tea, coffee, separate closet



the Routine 400 p/hour

Weekends, holidays, 500 p/h


The soft interior is perfect for family and baby photo shoots.

the PROS:

photo zone -4 in bright colours

-the Possibility of tailoring and rental of costumes for photo shoots (for extra cost)

-Lots of natural light

-you Can host a family event (e.g., birthday) and to capture it on footage


Daily 800 p/h

Weekends, holidays 900 R/h

After you have chosen a Studio in Cheboksary, a convenient date and time, we book it yourself to save you from unnecessary trouble.

RECORD the photo SHOOT: +79278535333

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