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Where's the SIM card is received, go there! themes of the day 10.04.2019 at 21:02

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What to do if you are in the same region, and the SIM card received in the other? Do we have to go for duplicate or nano-SIM? Fortunately, there are options easier.

the New digital services increase the speed of transactions and blur the boundaries. More and more questions we solve remotely as long queues in banks and shops go down in history. But, unfortunately, not everything changes as fast as we would like. We recently wrote about the problems faced by subscribers when changing operator with the same number, and in the comments readers were asked to develop a theme of change in the region within the network of the operator. Describe the difficulties encountered when moving from one region to another or after a long period out and show their solutions.

To Peter for the "SIM"

Reader Banks.Roux under the name Korney1986 shared his story: at the time he issued the SIM card of MTS in St. Petersburg, but, being in the Novgorod region, lost her. None of the salons of Veliky Novgorod to restore it failed, offered to go to Peter. The author writes that the situation upset him that he decided to change operator.

Why did it happen? The situation is very similar to the popular meme about the savings Bank, where, in spite of all the innovations, customers say: "Where the card was issued, there and go." That with SIM cards of the same story?

"Transfer an existing number to another region is not possible: numbering capacity the Federal communications Agency issued strictly bound to a specific region, — explained in the press service of MTS. But it is no longer a problem. If you need to duplicate or change the SIM card in a different region, it is possible to order delivery, which in Russia is only a few hours". So Korney1986 had the opportunity to "SIM card" without a trip to St. Petersburg. It is strange that he was not told about it in the salons of communication of Veliky Novgorod.

a Similar story happened with the subscriber Tele2, which in connection with the purchase of a new smartphone needed to convert micro-SIM to nano-SIM. According to him, to help him in any of the outlets of the operator in Krasnodar, where he was, could not. Although, as it turned out, the output still was. "If the subscriber raises the question of a change in the SIM card outside the region of its receipt, he must contact the call centre to confirm the exact address where you can be replaced, says Director of client service "Tele2 Moscow" Iryna Butsko. Now the number of such is increasing, so people do not feel comfortable to travel".

Grocery widget And that other operators?

"Beeline" offers its subscribers the so-called dynamic SIM card. "In 2016, "Beeline" has created a dynamic SIM card, i.e. SIM card without reference to region of registration, — have told in a press-service of the operator. — This technology allows subscribers to quickly replace or repair the relationship while in any city within Russia immediately after the installation of the SIM card in the device and does not require additional action after returning to his hometown. To use this service can all, without exception, the clients of "Beeline" regardless of city of residence". Even the owners of older, non-dynamic SIM-cards if necessary can go to any salon of communication on the territory of the Russian Federation and to obtain a new card.

the Customers of "Tinkoff mobile" won't have to go. "We will deliver SIM card in any region where it was issued", — assured the press service of the operator.

the Subscriber of "MegaFon" will need to call the call center and find out which salon of the city in which it is located, will be able to replace or repair the SIM card.

Went to work in Moscow, a room not want to change

As we've done above, to change the region of the room will not work: either you need to move in with my SIM card and endure some limitations, either on arrival to issue a new "SIM card" with a different number. Fortunately, after the removal of intranet roaming in Russia for them life has become much easier.

the subscriber had to bear the additional costs, living and working in another region, because from the point of view of the operator it was in roaming. Now this is easier, but the rate determination should be approached with the utmost seriousness. Different tariff plans can be significantly different conditions, and these subscribers need a tariff where all costs for Russia are from the package (minutes, Internet and SMS). And of course, before moving on to new plan, you should carefully examine the "pitfalls" and make sure in the region of your stay and any additional costs will not have to bear.

the power of Attorney gives you confidence,

Often, we make SIM card loved ones themselves: it's easier, and relative, especially if it's an older man, less problems and hassle. Now imagine that you have left, and with the phone of your loved ones something happened. In such a situation was our colleague Milena. Phone her mom ("MTS") is designed to Milena, which is already not the first year living in Rome. And here the trouble happened: my mom lost my phone. It would seem, to restore SIM card is very easy: you just need to come to the office with a passport. But Milena abroad, and her mother has no power of attorney. A power of attorney can be issued at the Russian Embassy and sent by mail, but to get an appointment, have to wait two or three months. Are there any other options?

"We often help our subscribers abroad — say in the press-service of the operator. — If something suddenly happened to the SIM card while roaming you can enjoy free shipping, and you will bring the "SIM card" in the country where you are, but only at the place of actual residence of the subscriber. The SIM card contains sensitive information, so it can receive only the contract holder or someone who has power of attorney."

So Milena now three options:

to issue a power of attorney in the Embassy and send the mother by mail; to come to Russia and help mom with the replacement of SIM cards; order shipping SIM card in Rome and in the mail to send to mom.

the Moral of this story is simple: if the numbers of your relatives are decorated on you, do not be lazy to issue them a power of attorney. Especially if you plan to leave.

Remote identification and eSIM

Agree, however, that in this digital age, when even banks are moving to remote authentication, the situation of binding the SIM card to the region and problems with its reissue is a bit surprising. But the progress is here and very soon we will be able to see its fruits.

"Now we are preparing to launch several large projects in remote authentication, — have informed in a press-service of MTS. They will be launched in the near future. Details, unfortunately, can not give". Well, really looking forward to!

here Tele2 relies on eSIM digital SIM card. "We have actively supported the implementation in our country of technology eSIM, which extends the connectivity of subscribers that they do not need to go to a salon operator, you only need to provide the device access to the Internet. While eSIM will not break and will not be lost, as can happen with a physical SIM card, and the caller can connect to the network or to change the operator without leaving the house", — told Iryna Butsko.

Keep in touch and not get lost. All solved!


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