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PHOTONUDES 04 15.04.2019 at 11:21 -

01. The most impressive event of last week was, of course, the launch of the carrier rocket Falcon Heavy Block 5, sent into the orbit of 6.5-ton telecommunications satellite Arabsat 6A, developed by Lockheed Martin for satellite operator from Saudi Arabia. In 34 minutes of flight, the Falcon Heavy satellite was launched into geotransfer orbit supersynchronous 321×89 808 km, which will allow him to reach the geostationary orbit in just 16-17 days and extend up to 18-20 years due to fuel savings. It was the first commercial launch of super-heavy rocket SpaceX, which also resulted in a successful return to Earth of all three blocks of the first stage.

in addition, were rescued and the two halves of the fairing of the rocket, said Elon Musk, will be applied when you next launch this year. Earlier fairing, which cost about $6 million, was trying to catch a huge network installed on the ship Mr.Steven, but after several failed attempts in the cowling design changes were made that, like, can protect your equipment from brief exposure to salt water, and this time the fairing just fished out of the water.


02. 27 working of Merlin engines during the launch of the Falcon Heavy is a stunner. But great that they all returned to Earth and ready for new launches.


Stratolaunch Systems

03. Still visible and "near" event — the first flight of the giant Roc plane , built by an American company Stratolaunch Systems. Dvuhfyuzelyazhny aircraft with a wingspan of 117 meters and six engines from Boeing 747 PW4056 part of the system "air launch", with which the company wants to launch a rocket into space with payload. The plane was created for several years, and many have begun to doubt that he'll ever fly (especially after the death last year of founder, billionaire Paul Allen). However, here the — fly. Two and a half hours of flight at height about 5 thousand metres ended with a safe landing at the airport in the desert of Moab (VIDEO). However, doubts about the successful future of the project after the flight left, since it is still unknown what exactly is going to run with this giant. Work on the development of private launch vehicles was discontinued after the death of Allen. The company Northrop Grumman has a winged launch vehicle the Pegasus XL, which was used for launch from aircraft, but no specific plans related to this rocket, Stratolaunch Systems is not. After the flight, April 13, representatives of the company did not respond to reporters ' questions.

Stratolaunch Systems

04. Once the NGO "Lightning" was the project of such aircraft for the transport of goods and air launches of carrier rockets. But, as often happens in aviation, then sketches and technical drawings of the aircraft, which was named "Hercules", it does not matter. But the Americans managed to bring such a project to a flying model. Helped the use of composite materials of Pratt & Whitney engines.

Stratolaunch Systems

05. And, of course, the main "space" picture of the week — the first ever image of the shadow of the supermassive black hole at the center of active galaxy M87 obtained with the global interferometric network of radio and millimeter observatories under the name "Telescope event horizon" (EHT). M87 is a giant elliptical galaxy is the second brightest among the galaxies in the Virgo Cluster. and one of the most massive in the local Universe. Supermassive black hole located at its center, one of the largest known at the moment — its mass is of the order of 6.5 billion solar masses. The result obtained by scientists of the UNT, has called the Nobel prize.


06. The John Moore (Getty Images) under the title "the Crying girl on the border" became photo of the year at the World Press Photo contest 2019. In the photo the girl Anela Sanchez from Honduras is crying, while her mother searches by the police in the state of Texas. According to Sandra Sanchez, she and her daughter within a month getting to the USA through Central America and Mexico.

the Results of strict selection by professional jury at the World Press Photo contest in Amsterdam continues to attract the interest of the press and spectators. I recommend to look at the winners:

John Moore/Getty Images/Scanpix

07. The biggest media scandal of the week — the arrest of Julian Assange. Co-founder of WikiLeaks was arrested on a warrant issued by Westminster magistrates court on 29 June 2012, for nonappearance in court. Thus ended seven years of Assange's stay in one of the small rooms in the Embassy of Ecuador. The decision to expel him from the Embassy was made personally by the President of Ecuador, Lenin Moreno, who said that "rude, aggressive behavior of Assange, hostile and threatening statements to his organization against Ecuador, in particular the violation of international treaties, has led to a situation when the asylum application is no longer valid". Assange has spoiled its relations with the leadership of Ecuador after WikiLeaks began to actively support the Catalan separatists in Spain and try to discredit the Spanish Central government.

Assange Extradition demand from a few countries: in the States it's going to be judged for the publication of top secret documents of the state Department. For such crimes co-founder of WikiLeaks waiting 35 years in prison or the death penalty. In addition, the Swedish prosecution authority wants to reopen the rape case that was closed two years ago.

Assange will wait for the court decision on the extradition case for about six months. 70 deputies of the British Parliament need not to extradite him to the Americans.

Rob Pinney/LNP/REX/Shutterstock

08. In Iraq, found a new mass grave of Kurds executed during the reign of Saddam Hussein. Under es-Samawah in southern Iraq discovered the remains of more than 300 people. During the conduct of the Iraq program of ethnic cleansing of the Anfal 1987-1989 according to various estimates, were killed from 50 000 to 182 000 Kurds. The Iraqis used against the civilian Kurdish population not only of mass deportations and executions, but also chemical weapons.

Essam al-Sudani/Reuters/Scanpix

09. Ivanka trump sparkles with knees during a coffee ceremony in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa, where the adviser of the us President arrived on a working visit.

Jacquelyn Martin/AP/Scanpix

10. Expressive portrait of the trader the new York stock exchange. Apparently, something happened.

Brendan McDermid/REUTERS/Scanpix

11. Airport named Tenzing and Hillary in the town of Lukla in Eastern Nepal is not for nothing that almost the most dangerous in the world due to the high altitude and the super short runway (527 m). Yesterday the plane L-410 9B-AMH airline Summit Air attempted to fly at this airport but ran off the runway and crashed into two standing next to the helicopter. Killing the pilot and two police officers who happened to be there.

Ram Nepal/EPA

12. In the Venezuelan capital Caracas hosted the ceremony dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the people's militia. In the presence of President Nicolas Maduro was sworn in a new group of staff of the national police, whose number at the beginning of April exceeded 2 199 000 people. Maduro said that the authorities are ready intend to bring the number of volunteers to three million.


13. From the British jewellers Graff Diamonds, is finally revealed that we were able to do with the famous diamond Lesedi La Rona 1109 weighing carats, the largest found in the last century.

According to the company, the process of finding a way to facet the stone was extremely difficult. At first the cutters doubted that produce a diamond weighing no less than 300 carats at all possible. In the end, the result came out even "with a stock" — the exact weight of the stone made 302,37 carat, Jewellery Mag writes. A 1109-carat diamond in the hands of talented cutters became not less unique and precious diamond, the likes of which you cannot find. The Gemological Institute of America GIA gave the diamond colour grade D and a "higher degree of purity" that can be described as F (flawless).

"Like playing chess, our experts constantly pondered his every next step, anticipating and solving problems in the process of cutting or polishing for more than 18 months. We would never have a second chance to facet this unique stone" — Laurence Graff, founder of Graff Diamonds.

Now the stone is kept in a secret place.

Graff is not going to sell, although the company plan to eventually articulate its value for clarity. In addition to a 302-carat giant, the original diamond has become a source for another 66 diamonds of a smaller size.

Ben Hassett/Graff/PA

14. To the Day of cosmonautics in Moscow washed titanium monument to Yuri Gagarin in the square. The monument by sculptor Pavel Bondarenko was installed in Moscow on 4 July 1980. The design was manufactured at the Balashikha casting-mechanical plant. Titan sculpture were collected from 238 cast segments that were connected by bolts and welding. The monument became the world's first large monument made of titanium.

Sergei Ilnitsky/EPA

15. The Formula 1 driver Charles LeClair of team Ferrari at the pit stop during the Chinese Grand Prix. Leclere finished fifth.

Mark Thompson/Getty Images/Scanpix

16. Participants in the Sahara marathon at the site of the third leg. In six days the athletes need to overcome 250 km in the desert in Morocco. In competition take part about a thousand people, but not all reach the finish line. The first such marathon was held in 1986. Several times it was won by the Russian participants.

17. Spa resort in Azerbaijan Naftalan offers for the treatment of various diseases bath of a special kind of oil which is extracted in this place.

Mladen Antonov/Getty Images/Scanpix

18. "Giants, peeking at the city" at the 13th Biennale in Havana — a new work by the French artist Jean Rene (JR), about which I wrote recently.

Yamil Lage/AFP/Getty Images/Scanpix

19. And finally a photo from the series "Their morals". Striker Burnley's Ashley Barnes in the fray with the defender, "Cardiff" Joe Bennett twice kissed an opponent. For which he was punished with a yellow card. "Kind of football we don't need" — strictly indicated Barnes the referee.

Jan Kruger/Getty Images/Scanpix