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Plants in our house

The MDX Awakening the spirit 07.04.2019 at 00:04

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Now nearly everybody likes to contain green plants or flowers in your home. The flowers for the beauty of the room, but not everyone knows that they can improve the energy space. Many plants charge the space with positive and purify the air. Best has a positive impact on the environment, the aloe. The second is a geranium, it will cool and refresh the air in the room , spreading fresh and delicate fragrance around me. Experts say that it is best to keep in the house geraniums , which bloom pink and red flowers. Geranium also has healing properties. The juice from the leaves of geranium can be instilled into the nose when it is stuffy and eyes when conjunctivitis.

If a sore throat, you can make a solution based on the juice and they rinse it. Ficus, this is another you should plant in the house with him is relaxed and easy , ficus absorbs negative energy from the aura apartments. Cactus will clean up space in the computer, it is known to all. But it has the property that after processing a negative into a positive, cactus returns this energy. Experts advise to put the cactus at the front door, they will reflect the negative energy directly at the entrance to the room. Ivy will be a wonderful decoration for the kitchen, if you are annoyed, it will help you calm down. Just sit next to the plant. Another plant is recommended to keep the house, it is a tradescantia. Because the plant is an indicator, if the house has a lot of negative energy, its leaves turn yellow and start to shrink. To have a happy house plant Spathiphyllum, it pleases the eye and gives positive emotions.

But you need to know about what plants it is not recommended to keep the apartment or house. Because these plants Deplete the energy of people who live there. During the day they absorb negative information from the air, and at night throw it again into the ambient air. Such plants can be called monstera and azaleas and dieffenbachia pelargonium. Fern also absorbs the energy of the person and in his house keep is not worth it. But Lily is not recommended to place where you sleep. They can cause restless sleep. Listen to your heart when buying plants, and it will tell you "your" is a plant or not.

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