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In the Volgograd Palace of sports kicks off overhaul

News — Volgograd 18.04.2019 at 11:33

News portal of Volgograd and the Volgograd region

Concluded the state contract for the first phase of the overhaul of the Palace of sports of trade Unions — a contractor will have to fully put in order third floor: to replace utilities, to install new Windows and doors, to carry out a complex of measures to improve energy efficiency. The restoration of this landmark building was made possible thanks to the personal intervention of the Governor Andrei Bocharov.

According to serviu, the process of modernization of the building of the Palace of Sports will be implemented in stages. First completed repair of two gyms, coaching, locker rooms, showers, toilets, staircase passages and other rooms of the third floor. There will be a new system of heating, ventilation, electrical, water, wastewater, increased level of thermal performance to ensure optimal microclimate. Also provides for the installation of new window units, entrances, including fire doors with the required fire-resistance rating.

at the same time being the design of the second and third phase — we are talking about a major overhaul of the premises of the first and second floors, roof and the entire engineering building. Start of work is scheduled in the second half. Task — to create conditions for the organization of the sports school of the Olympic reserve. Update spectacular part of the Palace of Sports, which traditionally is a multipurpose venue for sports, concert, exhibition and other mass activities, expected in 2020.

Recall, the sports Palace, built in 1974, never had never been renovated — it is in the same deplorable condition as Volgograd GDS in 2014, before the reconstruction. It is another object, which thanks to Governor Andrei Bocharov solutions, will be restored and returned to people. The property of the region of Palace of sports back in late 2018. An additional opportunity for the restoration of the historic facility provides for participation in the national project "Demography" and priority regional industry projects.

Add consistent work to return to the state of land and bringing order to estate issues allowed to upgrade the station square, to resolve the issue with the territory thetribunal part of the square of the Fallen fighters, to begin the landscaping of the floodplain of the Queen, to put in order GDS. Now these objects decades will serve the residents and visitors of the region.

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