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European markets follow the reports and decisions of the Bank of England

Forex Club 18.04.2019 at 07:27

European investors are closely watching the ongoing U.S. reporting period, the largest companies still seem quite ambiguous. Their financial reports were published and the European company, the first portion of the financial indicators were rather favourable.

While negative for markets in the European region was another dead end on the issue of Brexit, which came the British party when discussing this situation. The most serious battles broke out on the requirements of the draft agreement on the customs Union with the EU, which met with resistance from the labour party.

in addition, investors fear that the Bank of England at its regular meeting on may 2 can raise rates amid concerns about the increase in inflation. Previously, the regulator has already said that he did not rule out increasing the base rate to limit inflationary pressures.

however, market participants still hope that he will refrain from any steps in this direction before the final clarification of the situation around Brexit. Financial scouts expect that the Bank of England for some time will not change the rate no matter what happens with inflation.

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