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Choose a good smartphone in 5 thousand roubles: super-cheap Xiaomi vs Fly with 5000 mAh battery

Reviews and tests on 16.04.2019 at 11:11

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Don't know about you, but we, ., are regularly asked to recommend a good smartphone for 5 thousand rubles. To the criteria "that there was support for 4G, normal GPS and a slot for the SD card". Want to automatically respond with a grin and the words: "Buddy, are you kidding me? At this price, in principle, as any working smartphone, is happiness!". But every time I find myself thinking that with this answer I'm in the same theorist "is not used, but have an opinion", as the person who asks for advice. Only his prejudice that the smartphone will be good, and I have - that the smartphone will be bad. What will it be for 5 thousand rubles, really?