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What to feed a diabetic? :.: Article 16.04.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

In recent years, an increasing number of people suffering from diabetes. Diabetes have many options, but one thing unites them: diabetics require strict control over the food. This problem is particularly relevant for older people who suddenly find diabetes pancreatic type, that is, resulting from wear of the pancreas. The man lived, eating as they wished, and suddenly, almost in one day, it needs to change all their taste preferences, go to diabetic diet, which involves the rejection of many products. It's very difficult, especially considering the age. And not every elderly patient suffers the inconvenience delivered by the disease in silence. Alas, many people tend to pour out their attitudes to changing way of life on others, and this, of course, sharply negative. However, for a diabetic, you can cook delicious meals that will help him to deal with diabetic diet. A few recipes of these dishes will present below. Pot roast with gravy Photo: Depositphotos remember that for diabetics only suitable lean lean meats: lean beef, veal, Turkey meat (skin must be removed), chicken (the skin should be removed), and the like. Selected meat is cut into small pieces, placed in a pot or pan filled with water so that it covers the meat. Added grated on a coarse grater carrots and onions, cut into rings or half rings. Stew on low heat. Salt and spices are added to taste. Five to ten minutes until cooked meat is added fill: one-two tablespoons of oat flour, carefully stir in the water. Note that wheat flour for diabetics banned, so as a thickener of the sauce is recommended oatmeal. She brings a delicate flavor to the dish. Similarly, you can make beef Stroganoff from the liver. Meat baked Photo: Depositphotos Baked meat for a diabetic is a good alternative to grilled meat, which is, in fact, not too useful and healthy people. For roasting a perfect chicken thighs, with which the removed skin. You can also bake lean beef and veal, but such meat is recommended to slightly repel, so it does not become hard after cooking. In a form or pan that can be placed in the oven, fit the foil for baking, it — pieces of meat. Salt, spices — to taste. On top of the meat closed with another piece of foil. Nakalyaetsya foil with a fork to ensure the steam outlet. Form meat is placed in a heated oven. You can also cook meat with onions. In this case, the foil is first laid onions, slice rings or half rings, then meat, then again a layer of onions. Everything is closed by the second piece of foil, which nakalyaetsya with a fork. Similarly, you can bake the liver: liver poultry, beef or veal. Beef and calf's liver is a little discourage before baking. You can also add liver to the meat, bake it all together. If in five or ten minutes before it is ready to remove the top layer of foil, the meat will turn out with mouth-watering crust. However, he would have a small drawback — after the meat has cooled down, it will be a little harsh. If the foil is not removed, it will not crust, but there will be subsequent rigidity of meat. Recommended meat serve hot, garnished with finely chopped herbs (dill, parsley, green onions) or sprigs of greenery (dill, parsley). Liver pate Photo: Depositphotos For liver pate it is recommended that the liver birds are more tender but you can use beef. Liver boiled in salted water with a Bay leaf, fragrant pepper and black pepper. After the liver has cooled down, it is necessary to pass through a meat grinder. Also skipped through a meat grinder onions (amount to taste). In pate, you can add the bean (it is believed that legumes are useful for diabetics, but you should only add the boiled green peas, beans or beans, but not canned — canned food often added sugar). Another good additive is boiled carrots. All the vegetables are also put through a meat grinder. The mixture of the liver and vegetables are thoroughly mixed, add the broth (quantity to taste) and salt and spices (to taste). Fish in tomato sauce Photo: Depositphotos diabetics Often want the usual products before the disease was available. These products include, for example, sprats in tomato sauce, a well — known canned food, which is considered to be "folk". Alas, the composition of these canned goods contain sugar and wheat flour, which is strictly prohibited for diabetics. However, you can still do pilchards in tomato sauce, as well as any other fish, so as to approach the "people" canned food, but at the same time to comply with a diabetic diet. The fish is first cleaned, removed guts and head, then cut into portions (sprat, of course, cut is not necessary). Carrots rubbed on a coarse grater, onion finely cut. Carrots and onions are simmered in a deep pan adding a small amount of water until, until the carrots are soft. Then add fish, salt, spices to taste, Bay leaf. Of spices is particularly recommended to add whole allspice and black pepper. For five to ten minutes until the fish is cooked the sauce is added: one or two tablespoons of oat flour, diluted with water, with the addition of tomato paste. After adding the sauce the dish is brought to the boil on a slow fire, and then protushitsya a few more minutes. To eat this dish both hot and cold. Focus on the reaction of the body — not all dishes are equally, bodhidatta: Depositphotos it Should be noted that diabetes mellitus can be of various kinds, in addition, patients sometimes non-standard reaction to some products. For example, for some of diabetics beets — quite normal, but for someone this root vegetable is too sweet. So if the recipes you saw the ingredients that were not previously used, it is best to consult with your doctor. Also, the ingredients are not something established once and for all, they can be replaced by other, more suitable the person. So allow your imagination to work. Bon appetit! ...

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