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How to use the energy of the last moment? :.: Article 16.04.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

Have to hear about someone this description: "Everything defers to the last moment"? It is a known fact: many people find the vitality to achievements only in the last moment before they come down the punishment for not made or will the reward for achievement. Why? Our brain puts the idea in the incubator and slowly, slowly it warms up and rolling in. The period of incubation is specified, indicating when they should be shown the result. Need more skill to rectify the situation, but how many of us found teachers among teachers or parents who are able to work out additional skills? Imagine a student whose home is forced to redo the homework until then, until it is done perfectly. By the standards of current anyhow-psychologists is senseless cruelty. There is no need to push the child any particular skill that he never needed. The child hones the skill of strong-willed, deactivate: Depositphotos But the fact that is produced not only some small skill, say, writing squiggles (which will be the basis of many letters, a beautiful legible handwriting and the desire to write that very much affects the destiny), but also skill in action, practicing willpower. If sloppy work is not accepted, it will be applied every second of the effort to ensure that the work was not sloppy. Training volitional endurance — this is a big plus. But there is also a caution: if the work can be spoiled and it will have to change, you have to start early. Whatever wanted to do, but not yet perfected main task, all other may not be admitted into the zone of consciousness. The brain incubator is a very good thing, but you can't do one bookmark ideas. If you try to do business, it will be much more material for thinking. Therefore it is good to start with samples. However, there is one conditionally useful rule: "Fools half job don't tell." The sample and the presence of unrestrained criticism are incompatible. The exercise of the will begins with repeated honing, deactivate: Depositphotos When we were kids, we often hung menacing eye of an adult, which could require you to definitely finish the job this minute. Adults know that children leave their occupation and do not return to it, if not demand. And begin to demand automatically. Just start some kind of identifiable adult business and will immediately appear critic, appraiser, pogorelic. To avoid this, children do not undertake something that can be identified in adults. They are very fond of normal human work, but just prefer to play because its an adult with adult skills, which makes attaining goals are simple, mockingly glances at the awkward attempts of a novice, comments, advises. Well I would advise, if ordered separately. But alas, not all adults are reasonable and considerate. Someone starts a boring lecture, someone will cut for nothing, someone's evil joke. Dangerous creatures these adults. And children, even friends, not better. In General, "fools don't show half job", and the simplest way to show just the work not to start until the last moment or not start at all. If the students would like in the last day, they would have become academics in two contatto: Depositphotos With what skill we come to our adult life, when you can't depend on the opinions of strangers? With the skill delay. Then, then, then, while not hovering threat of immediate violence. And here the rule of "half job not to show it" recedes, the energy of a fountain gushes from the depths of being. Student miraculously on the last night before the exam to digest so much material that he do so every day, at the age of 19 would have been an academician for his intellectual capacity. Retired before the arrival of the wife at the cottage builds in the last hour so much that she seriously believes in the three-day hard work. And notorious deadlines at work and do like waving a magic wand. What to do to overcome a child's troubles? Once again I want to remind you that the comments under the article can be significantly more meaningful articles, it is just an excuse for readers to share their experiences. Please do not hesitate to describe your rich life experience. When you read a very good rethinking of sdelannoe: Depositphotos And I do so: prepare a book that I really want to read, and to read her will at the last moment before presenting the result. Why not? When you read, very well done rethinking. The book is well-extinguishes the alarm, no obligation, it is actually time and nervous energy, which can be spent at their discretion. Let the brain incubates at this time that final touch that will make the finished work is perfect. It reminds me of how worked famous masters of painting with his students: the student draws basic shapes, and the teacher gets the touches that transform the work into a living and perfect. Student hours masukat and master in a matter of seconds transforms the semi-finished product into a perfect work of art. Respecting your brain, I first take any audiobook, as long as hands or tools, so to speak, part of the brain doing their thing, and then invoke the Wizard with his magical brush to artistically apply the finishing touches. I read an interesting book, and the Master at this time looking to the finished work. It works in creative projects, and in such a simple everyday thing like a match in a long way. To cram everything haphazardly into a bag and run to the train at the last minute — that my "childish" behaviour. And an adult is necessary when a list is compiled more on the previous trip and before the trip he supplemented and specified, the right things are put on a pre-released shelf so it was visible that need packaging, and not to turn everything upside down, making sure something important is not forgotten. For many hours before the departure, all collected and prepared. Out of the house too, with an hour reserve, and an interesting book, of course, is not forgotten. There is no place for self-justification like: hurry, forgot in a hurry, but nothing can be done. The habit to finish the job long before the date of submission of result allows us to repeatedly go back and improve it if you wish, using the same energy the turbulent flow the last moment. Photo: Depositphotos do the a-students, which is September 1 already know the answers to anticipated exam questions. So do artists and musicians, playing the role of works in dreams and in the dream repeatedly from the beginning to the applause and shouts of "Bravo!". In any case, if the completion is scheduled for the distant future, we should be able to move this point at the present or at a much closer period. This is a very simple skill. So simple that once you decide to do so — and disappear tardiness and stress. Just replace the time that is set from outside of their own. ...

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