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What to avoid if you wish to take a microloan? :.: Article 17.04.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

Microloans, issued especially online, for many seem to be the ideal quick solution to a minor of material difficulties. It is really so. At the same time, they have a number of specialized nuances provoking moments, which should be avoided while using options under consideration to take money. It is worth avoiding themselves microloans How would it not sound paradoxical, but it is better not to apply to microfinance institutions (MFIs). Borrowing money from friends is a higher priority approach. And here there are two arguments. First, the services of specialized companies are more expensive. Even if we consider the possible gratitude, for example, relatives in a box of chocolates for financial assistance. Second, with friends you can always agree to postpone the return. MFI — commercial structures. It is worth remembering. They are not required to enter the position of the debtor. They are important and a timely refund. If not provided, the extension or all extension of the contract have been exhausted, it has nowhere to go — need to find the money to pay. Here again you can return to the original approach, borrowing from friends. That's just the amount need more. After all, the interest must also be repaid. Making money If the decision to enter into a contract with MFIs, in the process of registration, you should avoid three major things: do Not rush to a whirlpool with a head. The domestic market for microfinance includes a lot of companies. The proposals all differ. Not only on the amount and term, but the overpayment. Therefore it is necessary to review all available financing programs, and not to apply to the first organization, where is was found. Sometimes you can get a loan without interest provided to new customers. And costs time to become familiar with the proposals is negligible. Especially if for this use profile aggregators. A maximum of 5-30 minutes will be able to choose the most beneficial form that meets all needs.We should not neglect the care. Fill in the application form should be maximally concentrated. Personal data must be error free. Otherwise you will be issued a refusal to grant money. In addition, you should record the address of the website of the lender, and is also used in the process of registration of authentication data (login and password). Many neglect this, which causes difficulty not only with the entrance in to your personal account, which is created during the first treatment, but finding MFIs with whom the contract was made debt.The choice of receiving the money — an important point. It must be remembered that, for example, the same translation to night impossible. Here a higher priority, the use of electronic wallets and Bank cards. Although the latter way of issue of a microloan may have a delay. Plastic sometimes the money is credited after 3 business days. Moreover, to accelerate this procedure, neither the MFI, nor the Bank can't. To influence the correspondents of the transaction, nobody can. The debt service Immediately is to dispel the popular myth. Online loans return is necessary. That there is no paper contract does not matter. The agreement is concluded remotely. By an electronic signature. That is, it has the same legal force and form, decorated in the Department of the MFI. In addition, there are four points, which should be avoided in the process of servicing and repayment of debt in the profile of the company: do Not forget about the microloan. If you refund the entire amount of funds came ahead of time, then you must apply early repayment. First, it is precisely to avoid delay. Secondly, there is the probability of saving. Many MFIs recalculate the overpayment to the actual period of use of the money, not the original period of the contract.Can't wait until the last moment. It is better to make repayment at least three days before the cutoff date. Here there are two pitfalls. First, technical problems. For example, when doing maintenance work on the system or on the company website. Or selected option of payment of money is not available. For example, if you want to pay a debt with a card online if you cannot use plastic in this channel payments. Second, some methods of translation involve a delay. Moment of repayment of a microloan is the date the funds are credited to the account of the organization and not sending them.It is not necessary to let it go. If you do not have enough money for the timely payment of the debt, hiding it is impossible. This will only cause delay. Resulted in the accrual of penalties and fines, deterioration of the credit history etc. you Should immediately contact the MFIs. You may be prompted renewal, restructuring or any other solution to the problem. Most importantly — do not be delay with all its negative consequences.We should not forget about the duty by just sending money. You must ensure the full repayment of the loan. And not just reading the information in your account, but also by means of a request to provide information about the execution of the promissory note. In case of further conflict with the lender in the court only the document will play a significant role. Assurances of the employees of call center, scans the personal account etc. be taken into account will not. Summary If you take the money borrowed from relatives or friends failed and decided to apply to MFIs, it is not necessary to refer to this option of borrowing carelessly. Debt in these companies are serious, as in banks. Therefore it is necessary to consider all nuances of their execution, servicing and repayment. Otherwise, the inevitable problems caused by late payment....