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Alexander Belyaev was in the literature? Youthful dreams and plans :.: Article 17.04.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

In bookstores now a huge selection. And among the many volumes on the shelves "Russian fiction" you'll find most books by Alexander Belyaev. Usually it's "amphibian Man", "the Isle of lost ships", "Professor Dowell's Head" or "Ariel". If you're lucky, you'll be find and rare works of these Soviet writer of science fiction. For example, "the Man who lost his face." Or "the Seller of air". Goes, books Belyaev, who died in 1942, still interesting? Without a doubt. And although science fiction writer Alexander Belyaev left this world more than seventy years ago, his works continue to live and influence people. But it is very interesting that he Belyaev never wanted to be a writer. Anyway, it happened at a Mature age. The writer was born in 1884 in Smolensk in the family of priest Roman Petrovich Belyaev. This determined the subsequent years of the life of Alexander in 1885 he was sent to Smolensk theological Seminary. Natalya Fyodorovna and Roman Petrovich Belyaev, parents, Pistoletto: However, the boy not keen to repeat the path of his father. Of the free time he devoted to reading books (often an adventure), and even went to the theatre and circus performances. Quite early on, Alexander decided for himself that after Seminary, served in professional actors. He had another option to finish Seminary and then to enter the higher educational institution of the vast Russian Empire, somewhere closer to the profession of actor. It is known that quite early on Alexander started taking part in Amateur theatrical productions where he from time to time was an actor and set designer, and Director, and sometimes even played the violin. Acting makings of a young Belyaeva was good, which was noted during a personal meeting and Konstantin Stanislavsky. This meeting with the theatre master happened in Moscow, when Belyaev was quite a Mature person. Sasha Belyaev 10 levoto: After graduating from the Seminary very young Sasha Belyaev signed an agreement with the theater of Smolensk people's house. According to this paper, Belyaev has committed to play in the winter of 1901/1902 years in the theatre, number of performances and in the end to take part in a benefit performance. A benefit performance, according to Belyaeva, had to bring him a certain amount, which it would be possible to live several months or even a short trip abroad. Contrary to expectations, a benefit performance (the money from this performance are given in favor of a particular actor) brought not so much. And then a short contract with the theatre ended. Alexander sits down at the textbooks. He's going to do in Yaroslavl Demidov juridical Lyceum, have the right University. Exams were successful. Alexander enters the school. After studying in Yaroslavl Belyaev returned to Smolensk. It happened in 1906. And while there are no prerequisites in order to turn to serious literature. However, some movement in this direction still marked. The fact that the young Belyaev begins to publish in one of Smolensk Newspapers a short article about the local (and only) theatrical life. This article gets a pretty penny or two. After graduating Belyaev works first as an assistant solicitor and then a barrister. Stars in the sky here, miss it was not necessary, but Alexander is starting to save money for the realization of their dreams. He wants to go abroad. Alexander Believeto: And here is a small miracle. In 1911, Belyaev, already a married man who needs to support his family, is taken to protect the thieving lumberman of Scandina. It was for Scandina losing, but Belyaev, however, receives a substantial fee. And now it becomes clear that big trip abroad can not be avoided. This visit took place in 1913. Visited Belyaev then Italy and France. And were not even aware of the fact that some road experience years of ten or fifteen will be useful when writing your own books... to be Continued......

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