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Where is still a fun place? :.: Article 17.04.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

Recently I happened to ride in public transport. I usually go by car, so travel in the metro, tram or bus — for me it's rare. In the machine in addition to radio, usually listen to nothing. Yes, and those programs that are offered to listeners in the good Soviet times, would not pass any one censorship. Stamp with one (although perhaps not particularly glittering literary norms) the word "HACK" would stand on each scenario of the transmission, which was to go on the air. In other words, they are in the air would never have got. In the public transport to travel though, and uncomfortable, but much more fun. Travel — and listen. And most importantly — no censorship! Here on the one hand the two imposing men, quietly discussing whether business plans, or business projects. I'm up projects far away, but turn your eyes and see that between discussions of very serious issues men manage to shoot the eyes right and left. To whom? Well, not to thick, the conductress, hung with rolls of tickets and calling again included passengers not forget to pay for the passage. Voice of this female fleet looks like something on the voice Jan Arlazorov, only in female version. This is Elizarovskaya drawl, and even spoken with a special intonation "Citizens-e-e-e!" and not a stately figure with a bunch of tickets clips on the chest (I couldn't say what size), apparently did not attract men, who for his fare has long been paid for. Therefore, businessmen who discuss their business, looking not at her, and the newly incoming people. And if some of them are young girls, their eyes linger on the passengers smoothly to the next stop. And there... There begins all over again: "Citizens-e-e-e!" somewhere on the front area and shooting eyes in different directions on the back. Does the car see? But two boys, a student, apparently from a technical College, worth abuse of a Professor with a standard name of Ivanov. According to them it turns out that working in this University is not a person, but a sort of hybrid, consisting of a whole zoo of animals, of which "the gorilla" — the most harmless. It guys is full of comparisons with other animals, mostly, of course, armed with horns and hooves. Why so went unknown to me Ivanov, it appears immediately in the conversation: young people did not manage to receive credit for higher mathematics. I sincerely regret within himself and Ivanova, about the breed of which I can only dimly guess, and boys, because she is in higher math do not understand anything. If I were them, I would higher mathematics would not pass never. And then, quite possibly, Ivanov would get me some additional comparison with the animal, whom, perhaps, even in the Zoological Atlas no. Seat I side, at the next stop to the right of me sits a boy and a girl — judging by the packs behind, the students, and then start a dispute: "Where in our time is the most ridiculous place?" — In the circus! — instantly almost shouts the boy in a blue jacket with fur. — Me, when was the last time dad was there, a bit of laughter does not burst when the clowns entered the scene. One pants were so wide that there's probably two would fit. And the boots... they do "kasi asked"! If he just walked? But about the shoes he did not have time to finish, because the girl immediately interrupts him. The voice — the irony of pure water. This tone would be the envy even the artists of theatre and cinema: — Yes, well, this is your circus... I was there. Nothing interesting. Yes some gymnasts horses with bows. Kindergarten of some sort, and not a circus. I get up and quietly begin to move toward the exit. I quietly smile at the words "kindergarten". How long have these young creatures went to kindergarten? And now I sit and talk like adults, citing the example of kindergarten as something frivolous. Business on the back of the court anymore, they got out a stop early. Instead, the seats sit two old ladies, very similar to the silent mummies. Mummies, as we know, to talk about business plans is unlikely to be successful. Yes, and "shooting the eyes" is clearly not on their part. I go out and headed to the Palace of Culture, where classes with students. The first schedule is Artem. I call him "the philosopher" because before performing an exercise, he spent a long time studying job. At the same time he moves his lips, occasionally casting a glance to me whether he thinks. That is, I rather — a kind of "litmus test", which, depending on the rightness or wrongness immediately react to any movement of the eyes, hands, mouth and Temik a typical teacher's reaction. This time, not at the beginning of the lesson, I decide to ask Artem just heard on the bus question: — Topic, but where do you think we have the funny place? At the Palace, or what? — The subject responds to my words verbatim. — No. At all. What do you think, where, for example, you can make laugh the most? Artyom frowns, then rubs his two fingers, like I gave him a task from the mathematics, in which two guys from the bus could not get off, then sighs, apparently trying to find in my words some kind of trick, and says: — I do Not know. I don't know — okay — and not to torture the child, I begin the lesson with the repetition of the words that Tamiko are much easier than the search for the answer to my question. Then comes the turn of phonetics, then there is a grammar in which the Subject for some time, began to understand more or less normally. But most of all it throws into confusion the question of how the English use as many as sixteen times, while the Russian people easily manage all three. — Artem, — I start. English language is actually a lot easier Russian. — Cannot be, — and Temik draws on your face is genuine distrust that I... I can't find anything better than to resort to comparison. Taking from a shelf two volumes of our native Russian grammar, I show them to Artyom: "you See?" Well... his fist in the head, rather indifferent showing of "the philosopher". — Now look, and I pull out a small booklet. It is well known to all linguists grammar Shubin. — See the difference? The difference is instantly reflected on the face of my student. Blinking in surprise, the Subject puts them on two heavy and thick the Tome, weedy (of course, if I may say so in relation to the book) edition in the blue cover with the words "English Grammar" and scratched his head, holds: — Yeah... You're probably right. The English language is much easier. In his voice sounded at any time and frustration, and joy. Last, I believe, stems from the fact that in actual fact the English language is not so difficult and terrible. Triggered stereotype: "Once the book is thinner, hence, the language is easier". But I Temkina eyes see something, what explanation is to find yet. Next day is the next day... After five lessons and sitting down to drink a Cup of tea, I hear in the hallway someone runs. The fact that it's not me — I know, because I have no more lessons. But my office is the last, and the thud does not abate. "Well, not me no come!" I think the second time and I bring a Cup of tea to her lips. And then... the Door with all his might swings open. Office crowd bursts Temko, Misha, Nikitos, Arishka with Pauline and even Slavik, with whom I like not doing. They shout so loud and waving their arms that I do a nervous SIP of tea choke and start coughing, but still can't make out what they were saying. Temko, as the true philosopher understands my confusion and says, — Stop! All immediately fall silent. And Artem pulls out from under his jacket and a book of that thickness less than two times the already known grammar of the English language. — You know what I say? — considered starting it (the rest is silent). — Let's learn POLISH! Why? — genuinely surprised me, forgetting to use the main argument is that the Polish language I don't know. — And here's why! and Temik triumphantly suited to the bookshelf, takes out a textbook on English grammar and apply it to the cork brought a thin book. — See? — in Temkino the sound and joy and confidence. — Yesterday I went to the library, where my older sister. And here's what I found there! See what a fine book! This Polish grammar. And once she is thin, that means it is simpler than English! Much! philosophically he finishes. The other children can not stand, they again begin to shout, pulling at me, pulling the hands over sweater, new blue-green scarf with soft fringe around the edges... Well, please, pleadingly looking at me Arinka is true, let's learn Polish language.

That simple! View, however, what a fine book! And the Topic says... I have no doubt in the ability of Artem to convince anybody. But then I start to laugh, and with every minute more and more... Polish! Yeah its not even on the syllabus! But who is it nowadays do we need! I don't even know it! And if it is so simple, how convincingly demonstrates to us all Artem? Hardly... All I'm trying to explain black children. But the argument, in Temkina hands, outweighs. And children could pad me again and again. And I'm still laughing, unable to stop! Well, where we have the most fun?...

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