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How to cook main dishes for a diabetic? :.: Article 17.04.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

People suffering from diabetes, contraindicated not only sweet but also fat (when frying so you need to add a minimum of vegetable oil, preferably — just spread it over the pan), flour products, potatoes and more. And all these limitations should be taken into account in preparing a variety of dishes. So, contraindicated salads with mayonnaise and sour cream, and vegetable oil should not get involved, so it is advisable to choose salad ingredients that do not require fill. Especially many problems bring main dishes. After all, the restrictions for a diabetic rule out not only the roasting but also passerovannye vegetables, which leads to a certain monotony of diet. This, of course, can spoil the mood to anyone, especially an elderly person, who has discovered a pancreatic diabetes of the type that forced him suddenly, and in advanced age to change the diet. Therefore, preparing for a diabetic main dishes, we have to dream. Move on to culinary recipes. Pancakes with meat Photo: Depositphotos For these pancakes it is recommended to use chicken or Turkey meat-preferably breast is the most diet and low-fat option, best suited for diabetics. The dough for pancakes prepared on the basis of fat-free yogurt and oat flour: flour osypaetsya in the yogurt until the consistency of thick cream, and thoroughly mixed. Such a test should give a little brew, as oat flour is not so quickly absorb moisture like wheat. Infused dough for 15-20 minutes, and during this time you can prepare the meat. The meat is cut into small pieces and then mixed with the dough. The mixture is salted, spices — to taste. Then on a hot pan with minimal vegetable oil baked pancakes (the dough is simply laid out with a spoon into the pan). Pancakes are served hot. As a Supplement to them you can use different greens, as well as light salads. Stew with beans Photo: Depositphotos Another meat dish. Meat or poultry without skin or lean beef or veal, that is something that can be a diabetic. Carrots rubbed on a coarse grater, and onion cut into rings or half rings. Vegetables placed in a pot together with the meat, sliced, filled with water to just cover the mixture. The mixture is then brought to a boil and stew on low heat. Salt and spices are added to taste. While the meat is stewed, preparing the beans: she boiled in lightly salted water until tender, then water drained. It is not recommended to use canned beans, as in "shop" canned foods often add sugar. When meat and beans are ready, the beans added to the meat, if necessary added salt and spices. Then add sauce: tomato paste, diluted in water with the addition of one or two spoons of oatmeal. The mixture is brought to boiling and preparing four or five minutes. Served hot, you can add a variety of greens. Cheesecakes Photo: Depositphotos For cooking cheese cakes uses low fat cottage cheese. It is mixed with oatmeal and eggs (number of eggs depends on the quantity of curd and flour). The dough should be dense enough to roll out. From the rolled dough cut out circles (a glass or a glass), which are fried on a hot pan with minimal vegetable oil. You can also cook for diabetics zucchini fritters, pumpkin, unsweetened apples, using as the liquid base of low fat yogurt. In addition, pumpkin and zucchini, grated on a coarse grater, add to the stew that is refreshing to the usual recipe, giving it a flavor of novelty. It should be noted that diabetes mellitus can be of various kinds, in addition, patients sometimes non-standard reaction to some products. For example, for some of diabetics beets — quite normal, but for someone this root vegetable is too sweet. So if the recipes you saw the ingredients that were not previously used, it is best to consult with your doctor. Also, the ingredients are not something established once and for all, they can be replaced by other, more suitable the person. So allow your imagination to work. Bon appetit!...

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