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How to prepare a salad for a diabetic? :.: Article 18.04.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

Diet for diabetics is more important than diet for of models walking down the runway. In the case of the models diet is designed to maintain a degree of degeneration that approximates the external shape to the forms of clothes hangers while retaining the ability to move independently, without assistance. In the case of diabetic diet is life, is to maintain safe blood sugar levels, so nutrition is a very important aspect of treatment. Several recipes for salads for diabetics that will help get rid of the monotony in food, without breaking the sugar balance. Bean salad Photo: Depositphotos Beans boiled until tender in salted water, then the water is drained, and the beans a little obrushivaetsya cloth. To beans add onion, cut into rings, half rings or small pieces (optional), chopped egg, hard-boiled, finely chopped salted cucumber. The mixture is stirred. You can add a drop of oil, but, in principle, this salad and no oil wet. Also you can add different herbs, using it as ingredients (for example, the finely chopped dill, parsley and so on) or decoration (sprigs of dill, parsley, lettuce leaves as a "litter" for the salad). Beet salad Photo: Depositphotos Boiled in salted water the beets rubbed on a coarse grater, add garlic or grated on a small grater, or passed through the press. The amount of garlic — to taste. Also for taste you can add salt. Salad can fill a drop of vegetable oil, and you can do without refueling — it is quite wet so that the oil is not required. Also in the beet salad you can add chopped cooked chicken breast. Salad can decorate with finely chopped herbs or sprigs of dill and parsley. As edible decorations are suitable and half a hard-boiled egg. Cottage cheese salad Photo: Depositphotos cottage Cheese salad is made from low fat cream cheese to which is added garlic, grated on a fine grater or passed through a press. Low-fat cottage cheese is quite dry, and in this case you can add a little nonfat yogurt as a salad dressing. Season with salt to taste. Also in this salad you can add finely chopped green onions and dill. Salad decorated with sprigs of greenery as a decoration you can use a substrate of the lettuce leaves. Fruit salad Photo: Depositphotos Fruit salad includes a variety of fruits allowed for diabetic: unsweetened apples, cherries, plums, kiwi, some strawberries, various berries (blueberries, currants and the like). As a "sauce" for this salad, you can use low fat yogurt. It is not recommended to add bananas and grapes are products undesirable for diabetics. If fruit mixture with yogurt and pass through a blender, you get a very pleasant drink, which will not give up not only diabetes, but any person, especially concerned with problems of excess weight. It should be noted that diabetes mellitus can be of various kinds, in addition, patients sometimes non-standard reaction to some products. For example, for some of diabetics beets — quite normal, but for someone this root vegetable is too sweet. So if the recipes you saw the ingredients that were not previously used, it is best to consult with your doctor. Also, the ingredients are not something established once and for all, they can be replaced by other, more suitable the person. So allow your imagination to work. Bon appetit!...

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