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Alexander Belyaev was in the literature? Beginning of a creative way :.: Article 18.04.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

Returning from abroad, Alexander Belyaev takes a serious decision — to resign. In order to earn something for their daily bread, he as a Director is involved in the production of the Opera "Sleeping beauty". And is a member of the Smolensk symphonic society and the society of lovers of fine arts. Go to the first part of the article In the magazine for children "Protalinka" make a play Belyaev — "Grandma Moira". In March 1914, the future science fiction becomes a permanent employee of the said magazine. Alexander Belyaev Amateur, Smolensk, 1904 Photo: Alexander Romanovich thinking about moving to Moscow, hoping to open up new opportunities for themselves. Soon, however, begins the First world war. In 1914, Belyaev also collaborates with the newspaper "Smolensky Vestnik". In 1915, he became its editor. However, in 1916, in the writer's life happen dramatic events. The doctors discover he has tuberculosis of the spine. This was a result of inept actions of one of the doctors a few years ago, when Belyaev was sick with pleurisy. Such a diagnosis in those years sounded as a sentence. Belyaeva at start of financial problems, his wife leaves him, and many friends of Alexander Romanovich believe that his days are numbered. Alexander Belyaev with Smolensk friend, Nikolai, Vysotskite: However, agree not all. Mom Belyayev, Nadezhda Vasilevna, on the advice of doctors, takes her dying son to Yalta. And it happened on the eve of the October revolution. It is known that for four years — from 1917 to 1921 — Alexander Belyaev was in a cast. This was an extremely difficult time for him. And very, very useful in your career. Here, in the Crimea, Alexander Romanovich reads a lot. So many that books have to take just four pass and three friends. And among these friends there are a sensitive woman — Margaret Magnuszewski. And in 1921, she quite intelligently becoming a wife Belyaeva. Alexander Belyaev in Yartsevo, in the capacity of correspondent of the newspaper "Smolensky Vestnik", 1914 Photo: In the same year, the disease retreats from Alexander Romanovich, and he begins to return to normal life. Some time the writer worked in the criminal investigation, then inspector in the orphanage. In 1923, when life in the young Soviet Union slowly begins to improve, Belyaev with his wife moved to Moscow. Here he spent several years working at the post office. And here publish his first book — "Modern mail abroad." The circulation is small but the book contains many illustrations and interesting facts that made reading it quite interesting. In 1925 Belyaev receive a small living space (room) in Moscow. Very soon their family increased by one person — a daughter, Lyudmila. And in the same year Belyaev becomes what we know — and quite original romantic fiction writer. Book of acrostics on the memory. Drawn and written by A. Belyaev for a gift to his wife, Margaret K., 1920s Photo: In this 1925 Alexander Romanovich writes a tale (later turned into a novel) "Professor Dowell's Head", which is the first version of this interesting work. A newly created educational magazine "world Pathfinder" prints the story, which immediately aroused interest among readers. Then quite quickly there are "Isle of lost ships", "Lord of the world", "neither life Nor death." Alexander Romanovich starting to become a popular writer. He was invited to the editorial Board of "world Pathfinder", and when after a long break, resumed publication of the journal "Around the world", Belyaev and there becomes a member of the editorial Board. At the end of 1928, a masterpiece by Alexander Belyaev "amphibian Man" has already gone through two editions. But there is still was a "Leap into nothing", "the Star of kets", "Laboratory Dublife", a new version of the novel "Professor Dowell's Head" and more... Typewritten copy of the novel "the Star of kets" with author revisions, 1936 Photo: Some critics, especially modern, Belyaeva blame for some sketchiness and excessive glorification of Soviet reality. But they somehow forget, what time did the great fiction. Eyes Belyaeva country rose from the devastation provoked by wars and revolution. Somewhere restored the factory; somewhere we have built several homes for the homeless; where is the Soviet pilots have set a new world record; somewhere began to build huge high-rise building; somewhere rose into the air a large airship with the name "Lenin" (or "October"); somewhere sheered new Soviet icebreaker, the Signature of Believeto: Alexander Romanovich followed closely the life of their country and have seen positive changes in his eyes. So he had every right to write (albeit with a touch of fantasy) about a new life in the USSR. And those who criticize him now — where will they be in ten years? And will they be remembered as Alexander Belyaev and his touching romantic books?...

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