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Gas silicate blocks and aerated concrete.

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Company selling building materials co., LTD Freighter offers gas silicate blocks and aerated concrete of various sizes and manufacturers. Wholesale prices even retail. Delivery by our own vehicles on the same day!

gas Silicate blocks is a Lightweight, durable, accurate, reliable and durable blocks are made of aerated concrete. Is at the same time provides excellent thermal insulation and high load-bearing capacity.

the Foam has thermal properties more than 2 times higher than conventional brick. Soundproofing. The ease and simplicity of installation. Blocks of foam can even swim in the water, so they are not requires great physical effort. The fire resistance. Low cost. Environmentally friendly. Made from natural materials, foam has unique properties. The walls of it can "breathe", by Recalling these qualities, the wooden walls, but, unlike wood, foam does not burn and does not rot.