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Alfa-Bank eases lending to small businesses press releases 18.04.2019 at 11:34

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Alpha Bank simplifies small business lending — for loans up to 3 million rubles is enough to have a positive credit history.

Alfa-Bank has launched the Express-technology of small business lending — for loans up to 3 million rubles, the Bank shall make a decision within a few hours, evaluating only the credit history of the borrower.

the borrower does not require collateral and formal reporting evidence of his financial condition.

Thanks to the credit scoring model is based on the analysis of credit history, the Bank can automatically with a high degree of accuracy to assess creditworthiness of the potential borrower.

interest Rates on loans based on Express solutions will not differ from the value of the loans issued according to the classical procedure (14-17% per annum, depending on the amount and term of lending).

the Service is available to legal entities or individual entrepreneurs, regardless of whether they served previously at Alfa Bank.

the loan Application to the Bank via contact centre or by contacting the office.

the Bank inquires from the borrower the minimum information required for identification and processing credit history as part of the statutory procedures.

"Existence of positive credit history small business is a financial indicator of a certain culture and discipline of business owners and confirmation of the actual operation of the company. Therefore lending based solely on credit history will allow us to maintain control over risks and to attract the highest-quality, responsible borrowers small business — said the head of "Small business" Alfa-Bank Denis Osin. — Loan processing in the framework of the classical procedure usually takes one to two weeks, the borrower is required to prepare a package of documents to confirm financial condition. We encourage customers with positive credit history, offering them the borrowed funds at the same rate as in the classical credit procedures, but in the shortest possible time and without collecting any additional documentation. Small businesses need simple and fast credit decisions. We are convinced that our offer will be in demand and will demonstrate to entrepreneurs the importance of creating a positive credit history, which opens access to a simplified funding".