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Overview: world markets evaluate corporate reporting

Forex Club 24.04.2019 at 15:00

On the global financial markets on Wednesday 24 April it was noted conflicting dynamics of stock indices.

American investors evaluate corporate financial statements. In particular, Boeing's revenue decreased in the past quarter by 2% to 22,917 billion dollars. Experts predicted the figure at 23,05 billion dollars. In addition, the American leader in the production of aircraft overturned forecast for 2019, while not allowing new parts after recent air crashes.

Caterpillar Quarterly profit exceeded analyst estimates, while revenues in the Asia-Pacific region, one of the key markets, the company decreased 4% in annual terms.

On this background, US stocks ahead of U.S. jobs data was mixed varied within 0.05%. Western European stock indexes on Wednesday have also varied divergent — in the range of 0.75% from the start of trading.

the Weak macroeconomic statistics across Germany partly kompensiruet corporate positive.

So, net profit global leader in the energy sector, Italian Eni attributable to shareholders of the company increased in the first quarter by 15% year on year to 1.092 billion euros.

the Euro against the dollar in the evening "clings" at the round support level of 1.12 against the background of macroeconomic negative in Germany. So, 17.52 GMT, the Euro was losing against the previous fixing more than 0.2% to the level of 1,1199 dollar.

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