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41-th Moscow international film festival. Competition program: "Father of Night" Reviews 23.04.2019 at 07:58

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The Real story "Latvian Schindler" Janice Lipke, who ventured themselves and their own family for the sake of the Jewish people.

war drama "Father of Night" is the second full-length work of Davis sīmaņa Jr. and the first attempt to draw attention to the extermination of the Latvian Jews: according to official information they had destroyed 90% of those living in that period in the territory of Latvia. Certainly, this is one of the worst pages of world war II and to remain silent about it would be unfair not only in relation to the Jewish people, but the indisputable hero "Latvian Schindler" Janice Lipke.

the scene from the movie "Father of Night"

Told in the film the story centers around real historical personality - a port worker who, risking their own lives and the lives of his family, saved over fifty Jewish souls, hiding them in his house. He was later awarded for this the honorary title "Righteous among the Nations".

the Trailer of the film "Father's Night" with Russian subtitles

On the backdrop of the unfolding genocide of the Jewish people zhanis Lipke and experiencing a personal family tragedy. The only one in his family daughter to have to escape from Soviet soldiers for Communist views, while the eldest son is drafted into the German army. During the whole period of the occupation of Latvia by German troops trying repeatedly failed in attempts to help a Jew to cross to the safe side and not once was on the verge of exposure, but did not give up and continued to save a hunted people.

the impression that watching documentary video footage with actual participants of the Holocaust "Father of Night" undoubtedly will be compared to a painting on a similar theme - "Schindler's List", and with such Oscar-winning giant to compete the Sīmaņa will be extremely difficult. But the advantage of this picture to the tape, Spielberg is the lack of world stars. There is no zamylilsya eyes of celebrities, in this connection forget that the screen actors: moments the impression that watching documentary video footage with real actors of the Holocaust. Frame from the movie "Father of Night"

while Spielberg manipulates the Jewish tragedy, maximally exposing all the fanaticism over the human race in the hope to squeeze in the topic of tears in the audience, sīmanis with the audience is more honest: he deliberately sidesteps scenes of violence, touching on them only superficially so as not to distract the viewer and focus their attention directly on the nature of man, who was facing a difficult choice: save his own peace of mind and the safety of his family, continuing to observe the death of a nation - or not to remain indifferent and to risk in an attempt to save as many innocent Jews.

the scene from the movie "Father of Night"

As history shows, "the game" by Janice Lipke cost as much as fifty-four Jewish lives, which he managed to save. And this once again confirms the fact that "he who saves one life, saves the world entire."

it is Unlikely that modern movie put the movie "Father of Night" on the same shelf with "Schindler's List", but one thing is certain: this picture has already touched a lot of viewers who are not indifferent to the work done sīmaņa. It will definitely appeal to lovers of that cinema, for reflections, not for fun.

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