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Resort fee 2019: who should pay

Question - answer - Legal advice 25.04.2019 at 16:53

Question - answer - Legal advice

The Law on the resort collection from individuals is a normative document, established as experiment 4 in the region, in which guests travel fee is taken. Regions independently set its size, and the collected funds will be directed to infrastructure development and modernization of the resort facilities. Who should pay it, in what amount, and what additional records will have to pass the hotels and resorts? Resort fee introduced in Russia with 01.05.2018. Experiment to raise funds with the rest in the four resort regions of Russia will last for 5 years, until 2022. The fee for a visit to the resorts are counted, it may not exceed 50 rubles per day from each tourist. But it was only in the first year of action 2018, in other years the maximum size of the fee will be 100 rubles per day. However, officials have provided preferential category, for example, children under 18 and disabled persons released from collecting. To collect payment from tourists require hotels, motels and other accommodation. The corresponding Federal law "On conducting experiment on the development of a resort infrastructure in the Republic of Crimea, Altai Krai, Krasnodar Krai and Stavropol Krai" (FZ-214) has already earned. Thus, the experiment area of the resort tax in Russia includes 4 region. The experiment of charging a fee for staying there are already first results: in General, the regions are well appreciated innovations and their results, because travelers are able to collect in a short time already more than 200 million rubles. The leader in fees was Stavropol region, where the income from tourists amounted to 112 million rubles, while in Krasnodar 81 million, and in the Altai — 13 million the distribution of the duties shall be performed in strict accordance with the assignment of payments: the development of tourism infrastructure. In the Stavropol region this Park a "Resort" Park "Flower garden" in Pyatigorsk, sanatorium "Mountain air". Funds will go to the primary the necessary improvement and costly repairs, modernization (according to preliminary estimates the cost of repairing the pedestrian area of "Mountain air" will be 28 million, the price agreed with the leadership of the region). The Altay is expected to upgrade the infrastructure of Belokurikha, in the Krasnodar region the object of obtaining money with the resort fee will be determined by public discussion.