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"The League works for friendship between the countries, players and fans"

News of the KHL 26.04.2019 at 08:00

Gennady Timchenko, Vladislav Tretiak, Valeri Kamensky, Boris Mikhailov, Pavel Bure, Juris Savickis and Kirill Fastovsky - concluded season of the KHL.

the 11th season of the Continental hockey League history. The Cup found a new owner of CSKA. Over the past year: meetings of the KHL were held in Vienna and Zurich, was a traditional match played outdoors in Riga. Especially for the end of the season summed up the heads of clubs KHL, hockey players famous and authoritative experts.

Gennady Timchenko, the Chairman of the KHL Board of Directors:

- 11th CHL gave us a lot of sensations opened up new stars, has given the opportunity to enjoy playing the great masters, become participants in the events of the day. Will go down in history match in the open air in St. Petersburg, which was set record attendance in the KHL. This format is liked and fans, and clubs. I am sure that next season we will see such large hockey holidays. Remembered vivid Match of CHL Stars in Kazan made matches of NHL teams in Europe.

a Lot of interesting confrontations, striking matches and truly sensational results we saw in the playoffs. Outrageous heat in the conference finals, where the strongest definition was needed 13 matches. I'm sure the fans will long to review Shesterkin saves, Sorokin, Metsola, goals Gusev, Grigorenko, Kemppainen... we Have a new champion, CSKA army club long went to this success and deserve it rightfully.

the KHL continues to evolve, remaining the best hockey project on the Eurasian space. We look forward and set ambitious goals. You are all welcome in the new season in the stands among the spectators and hockey broadcasts of KHL!

Vladislav Tretiak, the President of FHR:

- every year the level of the KHL is getting higher and it is very pleasing. It is very important that the new season will include all the clubs that participated this year. So the teams remained and it is also a great achievement. There are many young talents who not only played in the first team of his club in the KHL, but also help the Russian team. I hope that together we will enjoy the victory of our national team at the world Cup, which starts very soon. We have seen resistant, wrestling in each series of the playoffs. CSKA, Avangard, SKA, "Salavat Yulaev", "Motorist" - this season we saw a large group of competitors of the Cup of Gagarin. But the capital army due to the strong composition and clever tactics managed to win a long awaited trophy. 21 years I trained and played in CSKA, and with the team's fans very happy with this victory. In recent years, the army team played three times in the finals and finally won and regained the title of the strongest team.

Valeri Kamensky, Vice-President, KHL:

- I Believe that the CHL is moving in the right direction. We see the growth of sports mastership, increase spectator interest. Season will be remembered, first and foremost, the play-offs. In the West and in the Eastern conference had a large number of intense games and series. We have a new winner of the Gagarin Cup with CSKA and I want to congratulate the management, players and fans of the army club. In the future we need to develop in terms of marketing, and a sporting component, and many other factors. Also the CHL will look like on West – European markets and hockey clubs, and to the East. I'm sure we will find a lot interesting in the next seasons.

Boris Mikhailov, two-time Olympic champion, member of the Supervisory Board of CSKA:

- I Think that the last season of the KHL was interesting, especially the ending of the playoffs. There are a lot of good players and original teams. I remember his game "Motorist", Moscow "Dynamo" and CSKA. CSKA has been champion of Russia in 2015 year and now has won the Gagarin Cup. All season fans watched an interesting game in which the teams were given the fight. Want in the future, the KHL was removed from the participants as little as possible of the Russian teams, and foreign clubs were in the League real competition as such, "Jokerit" and "Barys" in the last season.

Pavel Bure, world champion, two-time medalist at the Olympic games:

- first of all, congratulations to all the fans, players and leaders CSKA. They are very long went to this victory, has shown excellent hockey and in previous finals, but before that the opponent was stronger. Now I got it. Easy matches in the finals was not good that it happened. Importantly, the team achieved the result, perfectly acted, the defense and the goalkeeper. Communicate with club management and see how seriously it approaches the development of hockey players. And the strategy and tactics, and little nuances. I know that CSKA create the most comfortable atmosphere for players, coaches and staff. Which helps in the development of players that benefit not only the club but the national team and all domestic hockey.

Juris Savickis, President of LLC "ITERA Latvija", President of the Council of JSC "Dinamo Riga":

- I Think that season was very successful, KHL is developing. To call it exclusively a sports organization would be wrong. The League works for friendship between the countries, players and fans. And, I believe, that copes with its task. In these difficult times in terms of geopolitics, the KHL is a very necessary project. Riga "Dinamo" very happy to be part of this big and happy family.

Kirill Fastovsky, a Member of the Board of LLC "CHL", General Manager of HC "Siberia":

- the Whole season was very interesting: in the regular season to the last was a struggle for a place in the Cup eight and this is partly due to the transition to a two-point system. I think that in terms of wrestling, the NHL took a step forward. Intense, vivid and intriguing was the playoffs. He was not so predictable as many thought before the start. "Salavat Yulaev" "avant-garde", "Spartacus" and Moscow "Dynamo" has added to his interest. Of course, you always want to see seven games in each series, but fans have confirmed that they like the spectacle. Set a new record average attendance games of the playoffs. We look to the future: I am an ardent supporter of a hard salary cap, which I am sure will benefit athletic performance, will make the KHL matches even more unpredictable.