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News. Yulia Mikhalkov told what is happening with the team "Ural dumplings"

Women's magazine Kleo.Ru 25.04.2019 at 12:30

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In the past few years on national TV regularly, there are new seasons of the Comedy show "Ural dumplings". Millions of viewers watched with pleasure the transfer, which is known for its subtle humor and bright rooms. Recently, however, that all changed on TV twist only old releases of the program and in the web there are persistent rumors that the team is falling apart. To shed light on the matter decided one of the "dumplings" Yulia Mikhalkov. In an interview with famous magazine Julia admitted that in 2018 in creative activities began to be major changes. More specifically, the participants began to separate. For example, a separate team are now Vyacheslav Myasnikov Andrey Rozhkov, who organized a new project called "Your dumplings". The other guys are also doing a separate tour activities. "Now we get together just to speak in his native Yekaterinburg and record new releases for the CTC in Moscow", - said Mikhalkov. She believes that this is because the team not the producer, who would unite all artists. Julia also admitted that colleagues and herself given the choice, persistently offering to decide whether it will act. However, the artist decided for himself that can't choose between friends. "It was easier to abandon the tour than to offend someone from your family. Ural dumplings - my family and I equally love it all". At the same time she notes that the absolute collapse in the team, which is so actively discussed in the media, no. Participants still communicate with each other and are ready to continue collaboration. Not true that the "dumplings" were not divided among themselves the money. Recall, for a long time in the web there are persistent rumors that the discord between the parties has occurred because of finances and impetus to everything alleged were the actions of Sergey Natascha that as Director, she hid from the team a large part of the fees. Julia, however, these conjectures categorically denied, saying that all her colleagues - "artists with glowing eyes", which never put money above creativity. Just every guy wants to develop further and chooses to do this his way.

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