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World markets rise on positive data on US GDP

Forex Club 29.04.2019 at 09:37

World stock markets continue to go up, reflecting the positive from the publication of good data on US GDP for the first quarter of this year,

Major US stock indexes on Friday have grown on the average on 0,3% and has reached record highs after the publication of statistics on GDP of the country. It showed that real U.S. GDP growth in the first quarter amounted to 3.2% yoy, whereas the market was expecting growth of only 2%. These data indicate that the economy is in good condition and not approaching a recession, which the market had feared earlier.

Now seems a good time to trade in the global markets, as traders from the Forex Club who have earned a day more than 1 thousand dollars. Investors also assessed reports of major companies in the country and waiting for the next round of trade negotiations with China.

Asian stocks mostly lower Monday, losing 1.2% on the basic indexes. The worst dynamics demonstrated by the Chinese market, which is dominated by the uncertainty before the start of trade negotiations with the U.S. side.

European stocks grow moderately on Monday after global markets, adding up to 0.1%.

the Russian stock market also looks positive and is growing by 0.4–0.6%. Ruble adds a little more than 5 cents against the dollar and 1 penny to the Euro.

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