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Latin American markets are waiting for the imminent signing of the agreement on trade between the US and China

Forex Club 30.04.2019 at 07:17

Latin American investors, along with participants in other world markets, waiting for the outcome of the next U.S. Federal reserve meeting. As previously promised financial regulator to the end of the year it would not change the base rate, so investors expect that while it will retain its current level of 2.25–2.5% per annum.

the markets are also waiting for the regular reporting of the largest American companies. And now investor sentiment has changed somewhat, if the first statements they expected mostly positive results, but now am inclined to think that the new portion would not be very successful.

One of the key events for Latin American investors are also ongoing trade negotiations between the U.S. and China, the second round of which will take place on 8 may. At the request of the parties, negotiations between the two countries has entered the final stage, meeting on 8 may should be sufficient to reach a final agreement. The markets expect that in June the head of China can come to the US to sign the final trade agreement. This will be the case if the parties to that moment would still be able to come to consensus on trade disputes.

it is Possible to consider that now is a good time to cash in on trading on the stock exchanges of Latin America, as do Forex traders Club.

Latin American investors are also closely watching the situation on the world oil market, which is somewhat reinterpreted made a lot of noise statements by the President of the United States Donald trump that the number of countries ready to increase production. Since none of the countries has not confirmed its agreement with the appeals of the American President, the oil market calmed down, and the trend for lower prices has shifted to positive movement.

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