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Oil prices grow in statements of the Minister of energy of Saudi Arabia

Forex Club 30.04.2019 at 13:53

World oil prices on Tuesday are rising to 72.2 per barrel of Brent crude on the background of statements of the Minister of energy of Saudi Arabia

on a possible extension of OPEC transactions+ to the end of 2019 approximately the current level. According to him, he has already held a series of talks with Ministers from countries belonging to the organization, and almost all of them expressed the desire to extend the deal.

Probably in the short term, oil prices may still grow and reach the level of $ 73 per barrel of Brent, correctives to a rather substantial reduction in previous days, when the price of oil fell to $ 71 with the maximum levels in the autumn of last year.

the Euro against the dollar on Tuesday, rising to around 1,1213 dollar after the publication of strong statistics on unemployment and GDP. Now haplogroup region in the first quarter increased by 1.2% in annual terms, with forecast growth of 1.1%. Unemployment data were also better than the expected rate in March dropped to the lowest level since September 2008 and amounted to 7.7%.

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