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Dear Papa (-) clips from movies 03.05.2019 at 08:20

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The Owner of a huge trading network Vadim Dyumin - the best in his subject and used to get their way by any means. Charm and elaborate plan to help him find a Chinese investor who is ready to become a partner in the company of Vadim decorated once on his mother. Multi-million dollar deal ready to be signed, but there was an unexpected problem. My mom died recently and it turns out he left a will, where they handed the retailer of his son to his granddaughter, his daughter... That Vadim left when she was 2 years old and does not support a relationship with her.

he should go to his native small town to find his ex-wife and daughter and convince them to give up the inheritance for the amount ... somewhere around half a billion dollars. A successful businessman is sure that his charm, manipulation, in the end, money is obviously going to work here. Moreover, the object is just naive, though, offended him, 16-year-old girl. But Vadim started the game unexpected turns out that in the world of his daughter, his methods do not work, and the word "dear" here is not about the money.


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