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41-th Moscow international film festival. Competitive program. "The Sabbath day" Reviews 27.04.2019 at 18:10

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In 2016 in Bangladesh was a tragedy of global scale: the Islamic radicals took hostage dozens of innocent people...

a Quiet Saturday night, radical Islamists commit an act of terrorism in Bangladesh and taken hostage visitors of a local restaurant. Their main goal as old as the world: clear of the Islamic nation from the infidels. And in order to achieve the desired result, you need to be glorified as martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the sake of Islam.

For the work on this painting Islamist radicals announced the Director of Mostofa Sarwar faruki enemy of the Muslim nation and started a massive campaign against him and actress Nusrat Imroz Tisha, who played in the film one of the main roles. And the governments of Bangladesh and is subjected to film censorship, not issuing a distribution certificate.

faruki offers to see the cruelty of religious controversies, and puts the viewer directly in the center of events, making it an unwitting participant in the tragedy just as the terrorists forced one of the hostages to be "radar" and the leader to walk behind him.

by shooting one frame creates the feeling of presence. From the loud screams - everything inside is compressed; from the shots - want to duck and cover his head with his hands, and from the look of a determined invader, you want to look away.

Faith alone, the interpretation is different. For centuries with the help of religion the Church was governed by uneducated people in their own interests. Also happened in Bangladesh over the unfolding tragedy meets a group of armed men who once came under the influence of others ' beliefs.

Unnecessarily violent clash of religion and perversions of human nature

Terrorists see themselves as heroes, rescuing and cleansing of the Islamic people, but commit murder murderers, not heroes. The real hero is the one who realizes the value of human life and who is able to love - as one of the hostages who sacrifices himself for the safety of his son. To persuade your child to leave without him, he utters the following words: "Son, I'll be fine, your dad is Superman."

this is a person willing without hesitation to give his life for his beloved and dear man is a real superhero. This one piercing on a tear the scene shows a huge gap between religious fanatics and people who are able to keep a human face, regardless of religious affiliation. And later recognized as a hero to terrorists, he could not do otherwise, because his Islamic faith does not allow you to watch as innocent people are dying.

the scene from the movie "the Sabbath Day"

Powerful chamber Thriller stunningly depicts the age-old problem of poorly educated people, who are able to commit a crime of global proportions due to incorrect interpretation and understanding of their own religion. This idea, the Director emphasizes the final words of the terrorist: "If the idiot sacrificed himself for the sake of Islam, then what are we going to die?.."