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Review of the film "the Time monster" Reviews 30.04.2019 at 10:04

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The Story of one Viking who is fighting alone against unthinkable creatures in the name of revenge.

the Director of a horror-trash-fantasy "Time monsters" Jordan Downey (one of the authors of the script) took a rather mixed picture, which began for the health and for the repose ended in the fact that neither is the literal sense of the word.

the First half of the film is clear and confident step, showing us the story of a desperate father who seeks revenge for her child. The main hero of "the Time monster" (as the character of Tom Hanks from the movie "the Outcast") is driven by the desire to prove their love and devotion in relation to loved one: one for the sake of fighting for his life with nature, and the other monsters. And all creatures present in the film, at first glance - just for a bunch of the plot.

However, the second half of the film completely changes the rhythm of the narrative and turns into a medieval version of "evil dead", only not as comical as "Army of darkness" and more thrash. One gets the feeling that the authors (Jordan Downey and Kevin Stewart) wrote the script inconsistent: one with respect and carefully developed plot, slowly revealing the world and the character of the hero, and the other only superficially skimmed through the script and turned the story in dancing on the bones. The last act they are not only crumpled a quick paraphrase, but I decided to finish the story outright slap in the viewer, thereby making the whole story meaningless.

Video from the set of the film "Time of monsters"

the Film would work well as a pilot episode for some TV mini-show, but as a separate picture loses.

This could be "Lord of the rings", take it off David Fincher

Although technically all done on a professional level: the game of the actor Christopher Raya is extremely compelling (for which he was awarded at the film festival "InsoLito" and the Convention "Fantasporto"), and cinematography Kevin Stewart (award-winning film festival "Nightmares Film Festival") is so skilled that one hundred percent conveys the vibrant atmosphere of the Scandinavian middle ages. And all this is accompanied by a scolding to shivers music composer nick Sula, draws inspiration from "the Solaris" Tarkovsky. Perhaps this could be "Lord of the rings", take it off David Fincher.

However, the pluses are not enough to hide the frankly crude scenario. The creators rushed - but they pay more attention to the plot, it would have been a truly worthy feature film, which could develop as a long-running franchise.

it's Amazing, but the picture is still gained success on the part of critics, and it is likely that in the future may still appear some glossy remake, which will inevitable give rise to a series of sequels...

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